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Some cold wind once again blew from afar, sweeping past the magnificent treatment center, sweeping past the beautiful environment of the rooftop, and also sweeping past the boy and girl sitting on the bench, kissing like the most intimate couple.


At this moment, even Houri couldn’t help but open his eyes wide, looking at the beautiful face that, contrary to himself, closed her eyes gently but was close at hand, and his head became somewhat slow to react.

Feeling the beautiful touch on his mouth, only one thought rose from Houri’s heart.

“Are you kidding?”

People often use this phrase to describe their feelings about a fact they don’t want to believe.

That can be either escape or surprise.

In Houri’s case, of course, it was surprising beyond words.

However, the cold wind that echoed on the rooftop made Houri’s skin slightly cold, telling Houri that it was all real.

This world’s first her highness diva, the idol and goddess of countless men and women around the world, is indeed kissing Houri at this moment.

Although this kiss seems extremely bland compared to the last time, just on Houri’s lips, the situation is completely different.

At least, Houri never thought that this her highness diva in front of him would actually be so active.

Until the soft-touch left, Houri did not back to his senses, only dazedly looking at Sylvia, no response for a long time.

And Houri’s performance made Sylvia couldn’t help but ‘Puchi’ and laughed.

“What are you so surprised now?” Sylvia’s face with a faint blush said to Houri with a mischievous smile. “What’s the point of putting on such a dumb face when you bullied me so much last time?”

“… Can I not be surprised?” Houri responded with a bitter smile. “As a world-class diva, aren’t you afraid that the paparazzi will catch this scene and make a big scandal?”

“If something like that happens, I’ll take it in stride.” Sylvia did not have a trace of attachment, extremely frankly said. “I’ve said it before, the reason I chose my current position is to let more people hear my songs, and also to find Ursula.”

“And now, Ursula is right beside me, even if I lose my current position, that doesn’t matter.” Sylvia lifted her eyes, gazed at Houri, and said softly. “Besides, that’s what I want to do most right now, I don’t want to be tied down by an inconsequential position.”

“The most important thing you want to do?” Houri’s bitter smile intensified, but this time he didn’t intend to avoid Sylvia’s gaze and met Sylvia’s gaze with a smile. “That would be too cheap for me, wouldn’t it?”

“So, I’ll say it.” Sylvia’s eyes were once again flooded with ripple, and she slowly spoke up.

“You could have been a little greedier.”

Hearing this, Houri’s heart finally began to heat up a little.

Looking at Sylvia’s watery eyes, Houri’s mouth was slightly lifted, and he said this in a gentle tone.

“So, I’ll be a little greedy?”

Sylvia didn’t say anything.

Only, the pair of eyes that were gazing at Houri seemed to be welling up with a hint of passion.

Houri and Sylvia just looked at each other, no one moved their eyes.

And the hands on the bench are like magnets that attract each other, unconsciously clasped together.

And, still in the way of interlocking fingers.

The previous atmosphere is once again permeated.

Only, Houri did not want to avoid it again.

Therefore, in the next second, the distance between Houri and Sylvia’s faces also began to approach each other, and finally came into contact with each other at zero distance.


The wind, blowing for the third time, was still cold.

But at this time, the cold wind can not blow out the fire in the hearts of the pair.

Even the white clouds in the sky began to slowly deform, and eventually, as if affected by the pair of men and women kissing on the rooftop, like a painting, gradually changing into the shape of a couple kissing each other, constituting an incredible beauty.

In this way, time passed slowly.

By the time Houri and Sylvia’s faces separated again, it was already unknown how much time had passed.


Sylvia’s cheeks were more or less flushed, and she let out a breath. not knowing who she was talking to, as if whispering to herself, she said.

“Are we lovers now?”

When she said this, even Sylvia couldn’t help but smile a little shyly.

Looking at Sylvia like this, Houri couldn’t help but feel a little happy, and then he said.

“Didn’t you say this was the payment?”

This sentence made Sylvia glare at Houri, with a look that intended to bite Houri, really cute.

Houri also smiled, and then the smile on his face was gradually converged, raised his head and looked to the sky.

The surrounding ambiguous atmosphere suddenly became a bit heavy.

Perceiving the change in atmosphere, Sylvia also slowly collected her expression and looked at Houri with some surprise.

In such a situation, Houri suddenly said.

“If I told you that you have to leave this place to stay with me, what would you do?”

“Leave this place?” Sylvia was immediately stunned.

“That’s right, leave this place.” Houri turned his eyes to Sylvia and said. “And, so far away that there is a good chance that you will never return.”

“This…” Sylvia didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Sylvia was tempted to think that Houri was joking with her.

However, it was not the first day that Sylvia knew Houri, and she knew where Houri would joke and where he would not.

So, Sylvia understood.

Houri meant what he said.

This made Sylvia a bit overwhelmed.

And Houri like changing the topic suddenly said this sentence.

“In three days, I guess I’ll leaving this place.”

Sylvia’s heart suddenly tightened slightly.

“Leave this place?” Sylvia couldn’t help but inquire. “Where are you going?”

“To a place you can’t imagine,” Houri replied. “So would you still call yourself my lover?”

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