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Three days passed almost in a flash.

During these three days, Houri did nothing but carry out the training program assigned by Fan Xinglu as usual, and sparred with Fan Xinglu to continue to refine his strength.

Although there would not be any big progress in three days, Houri was more desperate than before due to his imminent departure, which surprised Fan Xinglu.

Of course, Houri didn’t only train.

During the past three days, Houri took some time out almost every day to walk around with Sylvia.

No, nowadays, there is no need to use such an ambiguous term.

In short, it’s just enjoying a peaceful routine as before.

And this behavior is called dating.

So, for three days, Houri spent almost half of each day with Sylvia.

This is a very difficult thing to do.

Regardless of Houri, Sylvia is a world-class diva, and the expression of worth more than hundreds of thousand dollars is not even worthy to be used on her.

It is conceivable that Sylvia’s daily schedule is so full that even the time she used to meet Houri was squeezed out, and now it is even more so.

However, Sylvia still insisted on getting three days off from her manager, the superintendent of Queenvail Girls Academy, so that Houri could spend some time with her.

After all, Sylvia will not leave this world for a while.

As she said, Sylvia still has a lot of things to worry about in this world, and even Ursula has not woken up yet, so she cannot just leave.

Therefore, in the time Houri left, Sylvia will stay to take care of Ursula, until Ursula woke up.

In such a situation, both Houri and Sylvia wanted to make good use of the remaining time and spend it with each other.

And so, three days passed.

On this day, at dusk, Houri came to the audience room of Oushinden.

Here, Fan Xinglu was sitting on a wide chair like a throne as usual, looking at Houri who came in from outside with a constant smile but then said.

“Are you going to leave?”

A word that fixed Houri’s figure in place.

“Shifu?” Houri was stunned looked at Fan Xinglu and said with great surprise. “How did you know that I was going to leave?”

“Do you think all the sparring I did with you was for nothing?” Fan Xinglu glanced at Houri and said directly. “This kind of thing can be understood by just meeting fist with a fist, that’s all it needs.”

As a fairy who has lived for thousands of years, Fan Xinglu’s attainment in martial arts has long reached a limit, and even, this attainment exceeds the extent of her own strength.

So, even if Houri did not clearly tell Fan Xinglu that he intended to leave, Fan Xinglu can also see its inner direction in the battle with Houri, to see its will, right?

Not to mention that Fan Xinglu is also proficient in seisenjutsu, it’s not surprising that she has a mind-reading ability or something.

Of course, even if Fan Xinglu has the ability to read minds, it will not be able to spy on the secrets of MainGod space.

The secret of MainGod space is something that belongs exclusively to MainGod envoy, so others can’t pry into it even if they want to.

If MainGod envoy itself reveals the secret, it will be punished very seriously.

The Main Mission’s rewards will be deducted, and even the special items in the MainGod envoy will not be exchanged, which is an unimaginable punishment for the MainGod envoy.

In view of this, Houri is not worried that Fan Xinglu really has a mind-reading technique to spy on the secrets of MainGod space, but is only surprised that Fan Xinglu has predicted his own actions.

After the surprise, Houri sighed again, cupped fist to Fan Xinglu, and knelt down on one knee for the first time, performing the disciple’s salute.

Then Houri declared in a loud voice.

“Thank you Shifu for your teachings these days!”

The voice echoed clearly in the Oushinden and did not stop for a long time.

But Fan Xinglu just pursed her lips and said nonchalantly. “I have long said that I taught you martial arts only to satisfy myself, and your progress and performance have surprised me, and that alone is enough to repay me for the kindness of your education.”

“Other than that, I don’t care at all, and I won’t ask you where you plan to go or if you will return.” Fan Xinglu looked down at Houri and said. “So, go ahead and do whatever you want.”

This is Fan Xinglu.

She was absolutely permissive to her disciples and absolutely hedonistic to herself and did not care about anything else.

“Just one thing you have to remember.”

Fan Xinglu grinned at Houri and spoke out loud.

“Since you are my ‘Banyuu Tenra’ disciple, you can only climb up, and definitely not fall down.”

“Next time, if you come back here, but are weaker than now, then you don’t have to come to see me.”

Leaving such a sentence, Fan Xinglu’s figure then seemed like a mirage, gradually disappearing.

Houri, who was kneeling on one knee, just looked at the place where Fan Xinglu disappeared. It was not until an hour later that he got up, turned around, and left the audience room without looking back, and left Oushinden and Jielong.

After leaving Jielong, Houri came to the street.

The streets of academy battle city were still crowded with people, but the number of cars was very small, making the highway look a bit empty.

Walking in the crowd, Houri had already changed out of his Jielong uniform and replaced it with a very ordinary casual outfit.

At one point, Houri stopped in his tracks, raised his head and looked at the huge space window unfolding in front of a building.

There was a live broadcast going on.

A live press conference was being broadcast.

The subject of the interview was Sylvia.

A reporter asked Sylvia a question. “Ms. Sylvia, it is said that you have put off all your work around the world these days, indirectly causing great losses, what is the reason for that?”

When faced with this question, Sylvia simply replied with a flawless smile.

“Because I need to be with the most important person in my life.”

When such a sentence was clearly spread, not only the reporters were all frozen, but also the crowd on the street was completely in a clamor.

Only Houri could not help but laugh out loud.

Then, the system prompt rang out.

“No. 11273 detention time is over, automatically return to MainGod space.”

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