Illimitable Until Death v4c372

In a dizzying sense of teleportation, Houri only felt a slight blur in front of his eyes, his body lost its footing, and when his vision returned, his feet on the ground, his own personal residence in the quiet lawn and a warm mansion is printed into his eyes.

Looking at this familiar scene, Houri murmured with some emotion.

“I’m back…”

An inexplicable feeling of loneliness emerged in Houri’s heart.

Although it is not the first time to pass the Transcript Mission and return to MainGod space, this time the feeling is completely different.

After all, this is the first time Houri has had a real attachment in a Transcript world.

This attachment, as if to remind Houri, while he’s a MainGod envoy, he’s also a human being.

Otherwise, Houri’s heart would not have a faint feeling of loneliness.

In the midst of this loneliness, the system prompt started ringing.

“No. 11273 returning to MainGod space, automatic clear evaluation.”
“Transcript world: Academy Battle City Asterisk.”
“Mission difficulty: Tier 4.”
“Number of participants: 1.”
“Number of Main Mission: 3.”
“Mission 1: Participate in any Festa and get at least the top eight. Extra rewards will be based on the ranking.”
“Mission completed, the final place is the champion, the completion amount is the highest level, the evaluation is significantly increased.”
“Mission 2: Obtain Urm-Manadyte. Extra rewards will be based on the numbers.”
“Mission completed, the additional acquisition is completed, the number of acquisition is a large amount, and the evaluation is significantly improved.”
“Mission 3: Obtain 20,000 CP. Extra rewards will be based on the CP.”
“Mission completed, 20,000 CP gained, a small increase in evaluation.”
“Clear evaluation: S- Rank.”
“The remaining factors affecting clear evaluation were detected and the evaluation is upgraded.”
“Influencing factor One: Completed C Rank Side Mission [Seal Lifting], a small increase in evaluation, not enough to raise evaluation rank.”
“Influencing factor Two: Completed C Rank Side Mission [Genestellar], a small increase in evaluation, cumulative improvement, evaluation reaches S Rank.”
“Influencing Factor Three: Completed the B Rank Side Mission [Repel Strong Enemy], a moderate increase in evaluation, not enough to raise the evaluation level.”
“Influencing Factor Four: Completed B Rank Hidden Mission [Give pointer], the evaluation increased in a medium-range, cumulative improvement, the evaluation reached S+ Rank.”
“No. 11273 is detected as having special tools to raise the evaluation, do you want to use them?”

Hearing this, Houri immediately took out the Commentary Stone from his personal space and chose to use it without hesitation.

“No. 11273 special tools were used, and clear evaluation received a random boost.”
“The enhancement is – substantial.”
“The evaluation has been greatly improved, breaking the boundary to Ex Rank.”
“Final clear evaluation: Ex Rank.”
“Reward: 50,000 CP, 30 free AP, 1 Raffle box (Tier 4).”

When the reward items came to Houri’s mind as a message, Houri couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Raffle box?”

This is a reward that Houri has never received so far.

In the MainGod space, the rewards after passing the evaluation are only CP, and there are very few other rewards, and only when the evaluation is high or the situation is special will the reward items be added.

For example, free AP, is a reward that can only be obtained if Clear evaluation reaches at least A-grade. If the clear evaluation is below A-grade, then basically only CP as a reward.

Another example is free SP, which is a reward that can only be obtained if the clear evaluation reaches at least S- Rank, and is still random in nature, and will only be triggered when MainGod envoy’s performance is outstanding, which is very precious.

As for the reward Raffle box, that will only appear in special circumstances when passing the clear evaluation.

“I think, this time it is because I passed the Tier 4 difficulty Transcript Mission in Tier 5, so this reward will be triggered?”

While Houri was thinking this, the system prompt sounded again.

“No. 11273 reached Ex Rank clear evaluation and can set ‘Academy Battle City Asterisk’ as a personal world, do you want to set?”

Houri immediately back to his senses and once again made the selection without hesitation.


After all, in this world, there is his own highness diva, Houri will have to go back.

If this world can be set as a personal world, then for a certain CP, Houri can enter the world at any time when he is in MainGod space.

If not, the only way for Houri to return to the world he experienced in the past is to exchange special items to MainGod space and pay a lot of CP.

In comparison, Houri naturally could not let go of the opportunity to set this Transcript world as his personal world.

“No. 11273 set ‘Academy Battle City Asterisk’ as a personal world, during the rest time in MainGod space, pay a certain level of CP to be able to enter this world with a time ratio of 1:10. The rest of the MainGod envoy will not be able to enter this personal world.”
“The current personal world is: ‘Hidan no Aria’, ‘Academy Battle City Asterisk’.”

Listening to the system prompt ringing in his head, Houri was again applying to check the mission log.

“No. 11273 completed B Rank Hidden Mission: Give pointer.”
“Mission content: Win a sparring match with story character Wu Xiaofei, and point out the mistakes to help the story character wake up.”
“Mission reward: Reconstruct (Tier 4).”

Looking at such a mission record, Houri lost his smile.

“I didn’t think that the sparring session with dashixiong would trigger such a Hidden Mission.”

Although it was only because of impulsiveness that he rushed up, but since it led to the completion of such a Hidden Mission, it was also an unexpected surprise.

At that moment, Houri raised his hands.

On them, there was an item.

One is a palm-sized treasure chest.

One was a very old scroll.

Houri looked up the information on these two items.

Raffle box (Tier 4): Special item. Selected to use, will receive a random reward, the reward category is Tier 4, the content is any item. Can’t be exchanged.

Reconstruct (Tier 4): Special item. When used on Tier 5 equipment, get a chance to reshape the equipment, the reshaped equipment will be upgraded by one level and a special effect will be given at random. Worth 30,000 CP.

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