Illimitable Until Death v4c373

“Good stuff…”

Looking at the treasure chest and scroll in his hands, Houri made this comment.

I believe that for a Tier 4 MainGod envoy, these two things are definitely good things.

Raffle box needless to say, although the reward is random in nature, this item cannot be exchanged in the MainGod space, and it is estimated that it is not even available in the booths in the trading area or in the auction house.

The item is rare, and with the random nature of the item, it might be possible to get an unimaginable surprise.

Reconstruct is also a good thing, not only can it upgrade a Tier 5 equipment to Tier 4, but also can randomly add a special effect.

In the end, this equipment is definitely worth more than Tier 4 equipment.

Houri just moved up to Tier 4, there are still many things missing.

Although the CP accumulated from the previous Transcript world, this Transcript world and the last Trial tower is as high as 180,000, making Houri’s wealth almost comparable to Tier 3 MainGod envoy, and even the poorer Tier 2 MainGod envoy.

But sometimes, only CP is not enough.

“I hope these two items will bring me a good surprise.”

With this in mind, Houri did not rush to use the two items, but raised his head and said aloud to the sky.

“Requesting to submit a Promotion Mission.”

The system prompt immediately sounded.

“No. 11273 for Promotion Mission submission.”
“Promotion Mission One: Complete three clear evaluation S Rank or higher achievements, achieve the achievement to pass — complete.”
“Promotion Mission Two: Defeat a Tier 4 opponent and win to pass – complete.”
“Promotion Mission Three: The difficulty of the next Transcript world mission will be increased by one level, Main Mission can be passed by completing all of them — complete.”
“No. 11273 completed all the Promotion Missions and get a promotion to Tier 4.”
“The upper limit of comprehensive attributes is increased, up to 300 points.”
“Skill level cap increase, up to Lv.2.”
“Equipment level cap increased, up to Tier 4.”
“Transcript Mission difficulty increased to Tier 4.”
“Space authority raised, can exchange for higher-level special items and enjoy higher-level facilities and treatment.”

A series of system prompts told Houri that he had been elevated to a higher level.

From today onwards, Houri is a Tier 4 MainGod envoy, no longer a novice in space.

“Of course, technically, I’m not a Tier 4 yet.”

After all, regardless of attributes, Houri’s skills and equipment have not yet progressed with the times to Tier 4.

Skills, in particular, can play a role for Houri, even on top of the equipment.

Currently, Houri has five skills.

Flash Sheath and Flash Step greatly enhance the power of Houri Nanaya assassination arts.

Killer and Assassin greatly enhance Houri’s ability.

Stigma is called Houri’s absolute trump card, the biggest trump card that can help him survive.

One by one, the skills are upgradeable.

And it just so happens that Houri in the first Transcript world, got a 5 free SP bonus because of his outstanding performance.

So, Houri first upgraded the Flash Sheath and Flash Step skills by one level.

Flash Sheath (Lv.2)
-Active skill.
-When using skill moves, attack speed increased by 100%.
-When using skill moves, increase body arm strength by 100%.
-When using skill moves, ignore the opponent’s defense to a certain extent.
-When using skill moves, produces a certain degree of defense-breaking effect.
-Skill level can be increased.

Flash Step (Lv.2)
-Active skill.
-When using skill moves, increase movement speed by 100%.
-When using skill moves, jump ability increased by 100%.
-When using skill moves, accelerate speed to the limit in any state.
-When using skill moves, ignore all inertia in any state.
-Skill level can be increased.

The effect fully doubled!

This means that Houri’s Nanaya assassination arts will become even more terrifying, and with death perception mystic eyes, it’s unbeatable!

Immediately after, Houri also upgraded the skills of Killer and Assassin.

Killer (Lv.2)
-Passive skill.
-Attack speed +20%.
-Movement speed +30%.
-Skill level can be increased.

Assassin (Lv.2)
-Passive skill.
-When entering stealth mode, increases movement speed by 50%.
-When entering stealth mode, completely eliminate the breath.
-When entering stealth mode, eliminate motion to some extent.
-When entering stealth mode, confuse perception to some extent.
-Skill level can be increased.

The effects of passive skills are, again, greatly increased!

This means that Houri’s own threat has increased, both in terms of speed and assassination!

Finally, Houri uses his remaining 1 free SP on his biggest trump card.

Stigma (Lv.2)
-Active skill.
-STR increased by 200%.
-VIT increased by 200%.
-AGI increased by 200%.
-Gains a significant increase in power.
-Burdens the user depending on the time of use and skill level.
-Skill level can be increased.

The effect is also doubled!

In the future, when Houri uses this skill again, the attributes other than INT are directly increased twice, not just doubled!

This skill becomes even more terrifying!

In addition, Houri still has 60 free AP not used, and his equipment has not been replaced, once promoted to Tier 4, there is too much room for improvement!

“Not to mention, I can continue to break into Trial tower to further improve my attributes.”

Houri just felt a fire burning in his heart.

“There are still ten days of rest.”

After ten days, Houri’s battle power will have doubled several times!

By then, Houri was confident that if he faced Amagiri Ayato again, he would be no match for him even in a head-to-head fight!

With this feeling, Houri lifted the treasure chest lying in one hand and clicked on it to use it.

“No. 11273 used a lottery item and received a random reward.”

With this prompt, the treasure chest in Houri’s hand slowly disappeared.


The next second, along with a blinding light, a ball of light appeared in Houri’s palm.

Within the ball of light, there was an item.

“This is…”

Houri was shocked.

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