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The light suspended in Houri’s hand began to fade, allowing the item within it to fall into Houri’s palm and be exposed to the air.

It was an extremely oddly shaped item.

In the center was a blinding mass of light.

Around the outside was an hourglass-like device.

Between the devices, there is a gear that seems like a timeline.

Such gear is an hourglass-like device embedded in it, which is constantly rotating around the central light mass.

Midnight Lost Child
Category: Accessories
Level: Tier 4
Effect: It can interfere with the time factor to a certain extent, and the bearer will regain full existence power at zero hours of each day, gaining eternal time.

When such a message came into Houri’s mind and Houri clearly understood what kind of item it was, Houri was completely speechless.

“Midnight Lost Child?”

This is something that Houri knows.

Because it was not a special item from MainGod space, but a special item from Transcript world.

–‘Shakugan no Shana’.

A world with a rather peculiar worldview.

Houri was exposed to it even earlier than ‘Hidan no Aria’.

In other words, Houri has forgotten a lot of the plot of this world as well.

However, because of the peculiar worldview of this world, Houri remembers the general setting very well.

Therefore, Houri is also very familiar with this item called Midnight Lost Child in his hand.

It is an item that determines the direction of the world of ‘Shakugan no Shana’.

It was because of this item that the plot of that world was able to unfold.

But at this moment, this item has fallen into Houri’s hands.

Because of the Raffle box.

“What a big joke…”

The only items that MainGod envoy can exchange in MainGod space are special items, and the special items from Transcript world require MainGod envoy to enter it personally and get them through hard work.

This is also a system that promotes the MainGod envoy to fight in the Transcript world.

Therefore, if a MainGod envoy wants to obtain the special items of Transcript world, either go into it themselves or trade with the rest of the MainGod envoy to obtain the special items of Transcript world derived from that MainGod envoy’s realm.

The Raffle box, which is a special item of the MainGod space, cannot be exchanged and can only be obtained through a clear evaluation reward.

Of course, such a treasure box, can not be without special features.

Now, Houri knows where it’s special.

It is the ‘content for any item’ reward item.

That is to say, even Transcript world’s special items can be drawn from this treasure chest.

Only, it is an extremely overbearing practice.

Because the featured items are drawn from this treasure chest, they can be extracted directly from Transcript world.

As long as the items are not absolutely impossible to extract, such as the heart of a living person, or story character is using something, through the Raffle box, almost all have a chance to obtain.

Houri never thought that he would be able to extract Midnight Lost Child.

“In this way, the Midnight Lost Child in the original Transcript world will also disappear, right?”

Houri sighed.

Midnight Lost Child is a very special item.

Since it could be obtained through the Raffle box, it proved that the Midnight Lost Child was extracted as a reward before anyone used it, and thus fell into Houri’s hands.

“If I think about it, maybe I can use it on the next Transcript world?”

Houri’s mind was instantly activated.

So, Houri’s mind made some decisions and put away the Midnight Lost Child in his hand, and lifted his hand holding the scroll.

“Where should I use this special item?”

This question didn’t bother Houri for too long.

After a short while, Houri took off one of the pieces of equipment he was carrying.

Revolving Boots
Category: Shoes
Level: Tier 5
Effect: 20% increase in movement speed, 20% increase in jumping power, and a speed spike when retreating.

Among Houri’s equipment, apart from weapons, this is the one that helps him the most.

After all, Houri’s most important thing is speed.

Therefore, Revolving Boots is the most important equipment on Houri’s body other than weapons.

So, Houri used Reconstruct on Revolving Boots.

“No. 11273 used a special item, equipment level was raised and a special effect was randomly granted.”
“The special effect granted is Flight.”
“Please name the recast equipment.”

Hearing the system prompt, Houri’s eyes lit up.

“Flight ability?”

This is an incomparable effect.

At that moment, Houri did not hesitate to choose a name.

“Hermes Boots.”

At the end of his sentence, the scroll in Houri’s hand suddenly shattered, turning into a halo of light that enveloped Revolving Boots.

Hermes Boots
Category: Shoes
Level: Tier 4
Effect: 30% increase in movement speed, 30% increase in jumping ability, speed spike when retreating, flight when equipped.

This equipment has become extremely powerful equipment.

Not only because of the increase in movement speed and jumping ability but also because of the ability to fly.

In the Jielong Seventh Institute, Zhao Hufeng was using an Orga Lux called Hermes Boots, which was renamed Tsuutensoku.

In other words, the effect of this equipment is already comparable to Zhao Hufeng’s Orga Lux.

With the increase in movement speed and jumping ability, this Tier 4 equipment is definitely more valuable than Zhao Hufeng’s Tsuutensoku.

Houri immediately put it on.


Houri raised his head and looked at the door in front of his personal residence.

To be more precise, Houri’s mind had already jumped to the world beyond the door.

“Next is the trading area.”

Perhaps it should be called the auction house.

After all, Houri has just moved up to Tier 4, and other than a weapon, a pair of shoes and accessories, the rest of the equipment has not yet been assembled.

With 180,000 CP, it would be foolish not to use it in the right way.

Now that Houri’s skills have been upgraded and his attribute limit has been raised to 300 points, he can use the 60 free APs to improve himself and then break into Trial tower and continue to get a boost.

“So, it’s time to change my equipment.”

With such an idea, Houri lifted his pace and walked in the direction of the door.

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