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Since he was planning to buy equipment, Houri, of course, went to the auction house first.

Although the equipment is also sold at the stalls in the trading area, the quality is far inferior to that of the auction house.

Almost no MainGod envoy would be willing to put on the stalls to sell the best products of the same level.

Therefore, all the equipment sold at the auction house is of the highest quality in their class.

In fact, in Tier 5, Houri’s set of equipment has been in use until now and has only been replaced.

Compared to the Tier 5 equipment, the price of the Tier 4 equipment has gone up considerably.

At least, the equipment Houri has seen is all the very best with tens of thousands of CP.

Fortunately, Houri now has 180,000 CP, a huge amount of money to spend without a trace of attachment.

So, it didn’t take long for Houri to get the rest of the equipment together.

Light Breath
Category: Tops
Level: Tier 4
Effect: Damage reduction, counteracts 50% of attack power, and increases stamina to a certain extent.

Explorer Wish
Category: Underwear
Level: Tier 4
Effect: Increased resistance, resistance to negative effects is increased by 50%, negative effects with lower effect will be directly immune.

Silver Glove
Category: Handguard
Level: Tier 4
Effect: Attack speed is increased by 20%, and the weight will be raised to some extent when attacking, dealing double damage.

Even with the consumption problem of Prana, Houri can still use Moonblade in unimportant battles, so he did not acquire a new weapon.

With the shoes, Houri brought together the tops, bottoms, and handguards.

Needless to say, these equipment are quite useful and powerful equipment.

Light Breath can reduce damage by half, greatly increasing Houri’s defense, with Prana, can definitely play beyond the toughness of steel.

Explorer Wish can enhance the resistance to negative effects, even in the face of Sherlock once used to evaporate the body’s water ESP, or poisoning, weakness and erosion and other negative states, Houri can do to a certain degree of resistance.

Silver Glove is not to mention that the attack speed is increased, but also can cause double damage, very valuable.

Three pieces of equipment, Houri spent a full 60,000 CP to auction them off, equivalent to 20,000 CP per piece of equipment, expensive.

However, since they are the best in their class, these pieces of equipment will accompany Houri until the end of Tier 4, so it’s not surprising that the price is like this.

In this way, Houri’s weapons, tops, bottoms, armor and shoes are all together, and there are only two accessories left.

To be honest, Houri did not want to change the two accessories.

After all, these two accessories not only enhance all of Houri’s attributes, one of them also comes with personal space, which really helps Houri a lot.

However, the appearance of Midnight Lost Child has changed Houri’s mind.

Frankly speaking, this accessory is not even a little help to Houri.

Although wearing it can interfere with the time factor to a certain extent, if it comes to time-related abilities, Houri can rely on Midnight Lost Child to resist to a certain extent, but otherwise, this item will not help Houri at all.

However, in the auction house, Houri saw an accessory.

Ion Spark
Category: Accessories
Level: Tier 4
Effect: Lock two objects, can transform the power of the two objects unilaterally, the locked objects must be owned by the user, can not be changed once locked.

This is the item that made Houri stop thinking about not changing accessories.

Midnight Lost Child’s effect is to restore the user’s existence power at zero time.

However, this kind of power is of no use to Houri at all.

However, it’s another matter if it can be transformed into Prana.

In this way, as long as the target of Ion Spark is fixed to Midnight Lost Child’s existence power and his own Prana, and Midnight Lost Child’s existence power is converted into Prana, then even if Houri consumes a lot, he will be able to fully recover Prana at zero time.

Moreover, this recovery will increase as Houri’s own Prana increases.

In the future, if Houri’s INT continues to improve so that the amount of his own Prana is improved, then the recovery brought by Midnight Lost Child and Ion Spark will be even more amazing, definitely worth Houri giving up 7 points of full attributes and personal space.

With this in mind, Houri used 12,000 CP to auction off the accessories.

After that, Houri bought some more tools and spent 54,000 CP, so that Houri’s fortune shrunk in one fell swoop, leaving only 54,000 CP to use.

In addition, Houri will replace the equipment, except the Black Ring with its own space, all the rest are put on the auction house, getting 9000 CP. Finally, Houri’s remaining CP is 63000.

“The rest of the CP may also be used in the future to enter the personal world, so save it.”

That being said, Houri immediately had another expense.

Where are the expenses?

The training ground.

And that’s a Tier 4 training ground.

“You chose the training ground for Tier 4. Do you use it?”


“Tier 4 training grounds cost 1,000 CP for one day, 3000 CP for three days, and 10,000 CP for ten days. Please choose a rental plan.”

“Rent for one day.”

“The rental is successful. Consuming 1000 CP, you got the right to use this training ground for one day.”

This leaves Houri with just under 62,000 CP.

Seeing the door in front of him turn from gray to red, Houri immediately pushed the door open and entered the training ground.

Compared to the Tier 5 training ground, the Tier 4 training ground did not change much, it was also a closed space.

However, here it is possible to simulate the Tier 4 opponent and train at the Tier 4 level.

So Houri opened the space window and started the operation.


The surrounding scene suddenly blurred and turned into a dim alley.

At the end of the alley, the young man with a knife in his hand, wearing a uniform and a devilish smile on his face slowly approached, his body fluctuating with an indescribable murderous aura.

Who else could it be but Nanaya Shiki?

Looking at this opponent, the corners of Houri’s mouth began to rise with reckless abandon.

“Let’s use you to verify my progress!”

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