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In the silent alley, with Houri’s declaration, also with the spreading of the murderous aura, Nanaya Shiki slowly gripped the knife in his hand, looking at Houri’s eyes emerged from the color of brutality.

Under the murderous aura, which makes it difficult to breathe, I believe that even if a pack of wolves is around, it will be scared away, right?

This is the existence of the satsujinki, the ultimate weapon trained only to kill.

Although Houri, who is able to understand the death of everything and use even death perception mystic eyes at will, is more outstanding in the nature of the killing, Nanaya Shiki is purer than Houri because she has grown up from a small to kill.

Therefore, Nanaya Shiki’s murderous aura is like a sharp blade, pressing against Houri’s skin.

Houri withstands this murderous aura, the hand is also slowly holding the crescent moon-like dagger.

No death perception mystic eyes were used.

There is no pose.

Houri just stood there casually, not even using the Prana in his body, looking at Nanaya Shiki without a ripple in his eyes.

This kind of performance seemed to have irritated the simulated opponent.


In the next moment, Nanaya Shiki’s form suddenly disappeared amidst the slight sound of stomping on the ground.


Not disappeared.

It was like a bat that had blended into the darkness and jumped with amazing speed.

In a flash, he landed in front of Houri.


Some blinding arcs of light flowed on the blade of the knife.


The satsujinki in the darkness of the night made the delightful sound of starting a hunt.

Shortly after, the sharp knife moved fast, turning into a blade light, slashing out like a lightning bolt.

The high-speed strike, which could not be caught by human eyesight, could not be more familiar to Houri.

“Flash Sheath Nanaya!”

The Nanaya assassination arts are known for their fast slashes, which slashed toward Houri with a cold arc of light as if the moon arcing in the darkness of the night.

Houri had been killed by this slash more than once in the past when he started learning the Nanaya assassination arts.

However, in the face of this fatal slash, this time, Houri was calm, and only reached out his hand to the strike.

“Flash Sheath One Wind!”

A storm-like grasp passed through the cold arc, and with the sound of ‘Pa’, heavily gripped the hand of the satsujinki that swung out the strike with fast speed.

“Flash Sheath Blast!”

The wind-like blade passed through the dark space, under the sound of ‘Chi’, with a terrifying speed, from the bottom to the top, seemingly upward, with a cold blade light, suddenly slashed.


The sound of flesh being cut open echoed extremely clearly in the alley.

“Cough…!” Nanaya Shiki let out a violent shout.

The undodgeable slash cut Nanaya Shiki’s entire body in half, from the left side of his abdomen to his upper right shoulder, leaving a horrific wound.

A large amount of blood poured down like an open faucet, staining the ground of the alley.

In such a situation, Nanaya Shiki just opened his eyes wide and looked at Houri with an incredulous expression.

Then, he slowly collapsed.

The battle was over.

The process, less than a second.


The surrounding scenery blurred once more, allowing the dim alley to begin to disappear, returning to the enclosed space of the past.

Standing in the middle of the training ground, the corners of Houri’s mouth gradually widened and eventually laughed with a joyful full of excitement.


And he did it against Nanaya Shiki!

What does this mean?

It means that Houri finally surpassed the best satsujinki of the Nanaya clan in the art of Nanaya assassination arts!

It can be imagined how much Houri’s skills have improved since he was able to achieve such a feat with his physical ability completely set to the same level!

“The six months in Jielong were not wasted at all.”

With Fan Xinglu, a great master of martial arts, teaching him, Houri’s talent in killing technique has improved tremendously.

You know, Houri was a killer who had mastered the Nanaya assassination arts to a certain extent through self-learning.

Now, with half a year of systematic instruction, and a combination of the essence of the killing technique and combat skills that Fan Xinglu has collected over the millennia, Houri’s progress has been remarkable.

“In this way, my fighting style has completely taken shape.”

In the world of Type-Moon, Tohno Shiki is known as almost invincible with his basic self-defense techniques of Nanaya assassination arts and the power of death perception mystic eyes.

Houri is mastering the Nanaya assassination arts, and the performance of mystic eyes is also more than Tohno Shiki, who is only specializing in killing, so it is easy to imagine how terrifying the combination of the two will be.

Not to mention, Houri is also a Genestellar, with the power of Prana.

From this day forward, Houri will also be a feared satsujinki.

“Of course, that’s not the end of it.”

After all, Houri still has a Trial tower to break into.

So, Houri simply turned around and left the training ground he had rented for 1000 CP less than ten minutes ago and headed straight for the Trial tower.

During the rest period, Houri did not go to the training ground but has been in the Trial tower to break through the floors.

According to the information disclosed in the MainGod space, the MainGod envoy of Tier 4 can start from the 20th floor and go all the way to the 40th floor.

The MainGod envoy who can break through to the 40th floor is the one who has reached the limit in Tier 4.

A step further, that is the field of Tier 3.

And as a matter of fact, Houri, a MainGod envoy who has just been promoted to Tier 4 for a short period of time, even if all equipment is of the highest quality and has the power of profession, even with 60 free APs, that is the most to break into five floors, reaching 25th floor or so.

However, Houri’s performance was surprising.

On the first day, Houri went straight to the 23rd floor.

On the third day, Houri broke through to the 24th floor.

On the fifth day, Houri reached the 25th floor.

On the seventh day, Houri reached the 27th floor.

Until the tenth day, Houri had already reached the 28th floor.

In this situation, Houri not only gained another 20 APs but also broke his CP to 100,000 again, which is a miracle!

Plus, Houri used up all 60 free APs, increasing his attributes by 80 points before and after. The entire Tier 4 was filled by nearly half in attributes in just ten days of his breakthrough!

As said before that.

After the promotion, Houri’s room for improvement is extremely huge!

Progress is fast!

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