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On a sunny morning, bright sunlight shines through the window illuminating a somewhat old room. People can’t help but want to take a comfortable nap in this quiet and warm little room.

Well… Although this is indeed a good place to sleep, why are there so many people lying on the floor that does not seem to be very clean?

And there are male and female, old and young people who lie in a mess. From their clothes, everyone’s occupation is probably different.

——Of course, because one of the women only wore a very attractive set of white lace sexy underwear, she can’t be regarded as a worker with skills and morals.


Suddenly, one of the young men in green officer uniforms crawled silently from the floor.

(Where is this? Why am I here?)

He habitually pushed his glasses, and his dark eyes like the night sky quickly scanned the surroundings behind the reflective lenses, trying to figure out the current situation.

The young officer and eight others were in an old fashioned room with a cheap wooden floor. There was only a long wooden table in the center of the room, which should look spacious but feel crowded because many people lying in a mess.

Behind him is a wooden door with a piece of frosted glass, opposite is four old-fashioned windows with green painted iron panes and a green blackboard hangs on each side wall.

A circle of wooden walls surrounds the four walls, and the cracks on the gray walls and ceiling highlight the oldness of the room.

On the left side of the door, there are two iron bookshelves placed against the wall, blocking half of the blackboard on the left wall. Two folded steel chairs were thrown in the left corner of the door.

Directly opposite is the window. In the corner on the left side of the window is a light green metal cabinet. Under the window on the far right, there is an opened folded steel chair.

The green blackboard on the right side of the room was not blocked by furniture and an old projector was thrown in the corner on the right side of the door.

Through the window, the outline of the opposite building can be seen. That building is obviously newer than this building, as can be seen by the bright white aluminum window in the opposite hallway.

(A teacher’s office in a Japanese school that has been used for other purposes? Being used by one person)

The young officer tentatively confirmed his current situation within two seconds of being awake.

But this is not just an analysis of the surrounding environment and decoration styles. A more accurate source of information… that is, the Japanese books on the two shelves.

“Ugh… so cold… the sun is dazzling…”

Just as the young officer was about to move his footsteps, a male high school student wearing a typical Chinese school uniform lying under the opposite window turned around.

He muttered with his eyes closed then propped himself up with his right elbow and rubbed one side of his face that just stuck on the floor with his left hand.

(Look at the situation first.)

The young officer take back his feet and stood silently.

His hands naturally hung down on both sides of his body, standing relaxed and upright. With the uniform on his body, it give a quiet and awe-inspiring sense of majesty.

It’s just that behind his reflective glasses, the eyes actually scanning other people on the ground.

In addition to the male high school students who woke up two or three seconds later, the eyelids of three male and one female lying on their backs began to twitch. The three limbs lying prone on the sides also had slight movements.


The male high school student sitting sideways on the floor made an unhappy grunt, frowning uncomfortably and then turning his face to the side avoiding direct sunlight.

He laboriously opened his eyes to a slit, only to see a piece of shiny white in front of him, he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand and looked again…

“Hiss ——”

The male high school student could not help but inhale a cold air.

The male high school student and a few of his good friends were playing in the internet cafe all night long. He thought he had slept too much and unknowingly fell off his chair. But!

But now a woman wearing only white sexy lingerie appeared in front of him? !

Wha-what the hell is this? Someone having sex party with prostitute in internet cafe?

Anyway, this is too unscientific!

The male high school student who was stunned by the shining white’s dazzling flesh in front of him looked blankly. His somewhat divergent eyes naturally focused on the young officer standing in front of the door.




The pupils of the male high school student shrank suddenly.

“Oh my god !!!”

For some reason, the reaction of the male high school student after seeing the young officer was even greater than his reaction seeing the woman wearing sexy underwear when he opened his eyes.

Male high school students use a quite difficult style to jump directly from the sitting posture.

“No, I didn’t do anything!”

He clung to the window behind him, grasping the zipper of the front of his school uniform with his left hand and pressing the front of the school uniform with his right hand – Or the position of the crotch, explaining to the young officer in a panic.

(Northeast accent, ordinary student.)

The young officer silently pushed the reflective glasses without saying anything.

The male high school student saw that the military man at the door did not react to the fact that there was an almost naked woman lying beside him, he began to look around after being relieved. And because of his loud voice, the rest of the people were awake.

“Kya ——! Help-! Rogue !!!”

The woman wearing white lace lingerie that almost seen through wake up to see a lot of surprised line of sight. She screamed and curl up into a ball, hid in the corner and pulled the steel chair at the side to block her front.

The remaining few people who had not really woken up or pretended not to have woken up finally had to wake up now.

Because the room has a nearly naked woman, everyone got up and chose the young officer who stared blankly at the door.

Inexplicably sent to a completely strange environment. At this time, military uniforms represented order, security and force.

“The student in school uniform takes off your coat and give it to her.”

The young officer who had already made a preliminary judgment on the danger of everyone in his heart, pushed the reflective glasses and gave an instruction to the male high school student with a steadfast voice.

His emotionless poker face, machine-like steady voice. A strong and unmistakable imperative tone made everyone feel relieved as if they had found the backbone.



Although the other eight people in the room had mixed emotions in their eyes, they all pointed to the young officer without a doubt, but he still didn’t mean to speak. So everyone fell silent, thinking about something.

rustle rustle…

The room full of people is silent, making the friction of chemical fiber sportswear particularly clear.

“Want to understand the meaning of life?
Want to feel… alive?”

Suddenly, these two lines of text appeared in front of everyone eyes.

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