Infinity Moe v1c2

“Want to understand the meaning of life?
Want to feel… alive?”

The young officer closed his eyes. Sure enough! The two rows of green Chinese characters are directly input into the brain, and can be ‘seen’ in the mind even with closed eyes.

Opening his eyes again, he glanced quietly again with the reflective cover of his glasses.

Except for a suspicious man who deliberately adjusted his position and used his body to block his sight, the others looked at the air in front with shock.

Among them are three young men is quite particular, mixed reaction of fear and excitement — including the male high school student who took off his school uniform jacket to a sexy lingerie woman.

Mission : Successfully capture 1 SOS brigade member.
Completion reward : Follower contract x1, Mission completion certificate x1.
Returning time : 65 days, 14 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds.
Failure punishment : Obliteration.
Remarks: Only when the remaining time is 0 can you return.
When holding the task completion certificate, the return can be judged as the completion of the task.
Task evaluation would be improved when holding multiple task completion certificates.

After the two strange questions similar to the boot screen disappeared from their eyes, a strange task appeared in front of everyone.

The three young men just now have a special reactions different from other people and showing a little more sense of comfort. Two of them also strongly expressed a complex emotions mixed with excitement, frustration and fear.

After about 1 minute, the text in front of everyone disappeared, and a countdown digital clock was added at the lower right of the visible range.

The young officer pushed the reflective glasses to get a glimpse of other people’s reactions.

Although most of the people in the room are thoughtful but still has confused expression. Only the three young men with special reactions seemed to have fully understood the current situation and began to think about countermeasures.

(They must know something, but why only they know?)

The young officer who had sorted out the key points in his mind, did not intend to continue to be silent.

Although the young officer did not like to stand in the spotlight, his uniform had already betrayed him deeply, making him forced to try to become the leader of this confused and panicked small group.


He took a step at an appropriate speed, and the sound between the leather shoes and the floor really attracted everyone’s attention.

“Now everyone must have many doubts in mind and I am the same.
In my last memory, I sat in front of the computer in the army barracks without any abnormalities. But when I opened my eyes again, I found myself lying here.
—— Not only is there no memory midway, even no memory of why I was comatose.”

After the young officer calmly recounted his experience, he expressionlessly glanced around, making everyone feel they are in his sight.

His bland and firm voice made everyone calm down unconsciously.

Well, this is the so-called ‘peer consciousness’. Recognizing that the people around you actually have the same experience as yourself, the current situation seems to be not so terrible.

The young officer seemed to determine something nodded and went on to say. “Sure enough, everyone and I should have the same experience.
So just now ‘Want to understand the meaning of life? Do you want to feel alive?’ You should have seen these two questions and the subsequent tasks?”

Most people subconsciously nodded, but the young officers continued to speak without waiting for their reply.

“Although we still have many questions now, it is not the time to think about ‘who brought me here’ or ‘how did they get me here’?
The first thing we must consider is the ‘failure punishment : obliteration’ clause on the mission.”

The young military officer nodded to himself, aggravating his tone.

“I have no doubt about this ‘obliteration’ point.
Those who can get us here unconsciously and can directly pass information to our brains without being seen must have a way to wipe us out.
So the first thing we should understand now is the information about this task!”

Eight others in the room continued to nod, and no one questioned the young officer judgment.

Faced with a group of ordinary people who were suddenly sent to an unknown location by unknown means, the young officers relied on calculated words and actions. From the moment he attracted their eyes, he began to affect their subconscious mind and effortlessly take dominance in their thinking.

This is the military artifact from the Soviets – The power of the political commissar!

No… one of these people, a suspicious man who had a deep sense of vigilance when he first saw the military uniform, was not affected. There are also three young men who may know too much, and they are not confused at all.

But the four people all chose to remain silent.

The three young men had no intention of competing with him for dominance, and the anti-military with a sense of vigilance has been hiding himself, no one knows if he is planning on something.

However, if he grasped the remaining clueless two men and two women, the young officer will belong to the ‘majority’ side.

However, everyone is now subconsciously and tightly gathered together just because of a sense of security. As the unknown becomes less and less, and the surrounding mist becomes thinner and thinner, each person will naturally gradually draw a distance that they think is ‘safe’.

At that time, not even young officers could control this group.

What’s more, there are hints of sweet temptation and bloody breath in the remarks of the task: “Task evaluation would be improved when holding multiple task completion certificates.”

“Under this environment full of unknowns, only when we unite together to find information can we ensure the safety of everyone the most efficiently.
It’s impossible for a person to have everything in one hand – It’s a matter of course. Missing a trivial information might lead to death.”

The young officer quietly bewitched other people. Perhaps his position in the army was a political commissar.

But just as no matter how powerful the political commissar cannot shake the firm will of the Communist Party members. The bewitching scheme designed for ‘feeling of security’ and ‘unknown’ cannot fooled the suspicious men who did not feel a sense of security in military uniforms or those three informed young men who are not insecure.

But for these people, the legendary political commissar still has a few tricks. They are called ‘Minorities obey the majority’.

“The collective interest is above everything else.”

“Mobilize the masses to fight the masses.”

“The student who helped others just now and those several young men.
I find that you seem to know more about the situation than everyone else. Could you please tell us the information you have?
Please make it as clear as possible. The clearer you say, the safer all of us will be.”

After the young military officer determined that he had successfully mastered most people’s ideas temporarily, he finally revealed his true intention.

He pointed out that the three might want to make a fortune or they might know something and will discuss about it later, so he focused the breakthrough on the male high school student.

The male high school student who took off his shirt had just acted once under the order of the young officer, so he could easily obey the order again.

This is like lying, doing bad things, killing people, selling out and exhibitionism. The first psychological obstacle is the most difficult to overcome.

——But once there is the first time, then the second time is not too difficult.

“Eh? Me?”

The Northeast male high school student was a little uncomfortable by the others gaze. While scratching his ears and scratching his head unconsciously, he said: “That… haven’t you seen Terror Infinity? Well…
It’s a book, a fantasy book. No, it’s a science fiction novel and it also formed a genre called ‘Infinity style’ which many people love to read…”

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