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Male high school students are obviously not very comfortable speaking under the others eyes and didn’t organize his language at all. Basically thinking of what to say and sometimes blushing without knowing what to say.

Although there are many pointless information in his words and sometimes the sentences are upside down, but the young officer is very satisfied.

There is no concealment, no idea how to make a lie, isn’t this enough?

Even if his acting skill is really good, the other two well-informed people expressions can be used to judge whether his words are true or false.

“I see, I already understand the basic situation. It turned out to be a novel, a light novel and anime. No wonder only you three young people know it.”

Because the male high school students speaking, the other two supplemented and corrected, so the young officers quickly learned the current situation.

“Thank you very much for the valuable information you provided. It has been very helpful to everyone.”

He solemnly nod, as if rightfully thanking the three young men on behalf of everyone.

Some people may not want to be ‘represented’ but the young officers did not say the words ‘I represent everyone’, so there is no ‘observative people’ to jump out and picking up his words.

“Then I will reorganize the current information.”

The young officer habitually pushed the reflective glasses.

“The first point is that we are likely to enter the plot world called ‘Haruhi Suzumiya Series’, and this plot world belongs to a Main God world.
Perhaps this may not be the real answer but before we get more information, we can temporarily adopt this statement.
Secondly, according to the setting of ‘Infinity style’, we are likely to belong to the same team and everyone in the team should theoretically have potential talent.
Even if there is a so-called ‘breeding team’, it had no prospect in the long-term.
Although analyzed from the task requirements, we may also participate in the ‘Main God Game’ as independent individuals. But all of us are Chinese with the same tasks, so this possibility can only be said to be ‘have’ but not ‘absolute’.
And although this task tempts us to kill each other, it does not make us have to kill each other.
The third point is, if there is ‘story difficulty’, then the difficulty of the story of our ‘9 people’ should be regarded as the lower or the middle. It belongs to the ‘newbie scenario’ for the first timer.
Although the original plot of this story world does not seem to be too dangerous. From our task analysis, our biggest danger does not come from competition between teammates but from alien, future people and esper in the story world as the three forces behind it maintain the so-called ‘established matter’.
On the other hand, Haruhi Suzumiya’s subconscious mind is also likely to bring great difficulties to our task.
At the same time, we can’t ignore the forces that didn’t appear frequently in the original plot, but actually exist in the plot world.
This is the basic situation. Everyone can decide freely where to go.
Although it is difficult for everyone to accept this incredible statement like an online novel when everything is unknown, it may also be used as a reference.
After all, our current experience is already incredible.”

After the young officer finished speaking, he took a step backwards expressionlessly, indicating that he would not interfere with the choices of others.

At this time, after listening to his analysis, the people unconsciously pulled away from each other.

Everyone look at each other with somewhat awkward expression.

Although there are many Chinese people who have never seen ‘Infinity style’, there are really not many Chinese people who have never heard the saying ‘don’t do harm to others, but don’t allow others to do harm to you’.

The young military officer suddenly showed a stance of pulling away, leaving the group of ordinary people who had just relaxed to become tense again.

The thought of deciding how to survive in this ‘Infinity style’ and confronting various monsters, enemies lurking in the dark and even compulsive companions makes them panic.

In this self-defeating atmosphere, everyone can see the fear and wariness in the other person’s eyes.

No one spoke for a while, and no one knew what to say.

After a long time, among the three young men who knew ‘Infinity style’, a fat man with glasses timidly raised his hands.

“I, I think team cooperation is better.
After all, in the first game, everyone did not have exchange enhancements. Except for a few people, they were all ordinary people. It would be difficult to survive without unity.”

“I, I also think we should cooperate, but should not blindly include everyone in the team.
Not to mention that someone may be lagging behind, analyzing from the perspective of the task, it is impossible for everyone to complete the task?
Suzumiya, Yuki and 1096, only three people can complete the task. The remaining people……”

As mentioned before, after the first time, the second time is not so difficult. The fat man with glasses only said a few words, and the Northeast High School students in the three ‘informer’ immediately expressed different opinions.

Although his supplement was very correct, it undoubtedly offended most people.

But the emotional intelligence of the Northeast High School student is not too low. He soon discovered his mistakes and closed his mouth immediately.

——Or he only realized when he was talking. If there are only three people who can complete the task, then the only way for the remaining people to survive is to kill the person who completed the task.

As one of the two people in the team to know the best about Haruhi Suzumiya Series, although he is one of the most likely to complete the task but he also one of the most likely to be killed by others.

The real world is not a Musou series, one good tiger can’t stand a group of wolves. Although he often plays a ball game in school, he wasn’t sure about his physical resistance in 3D.


Because the Northeast High School students made clear some words that everyone intentionally or unintentionally chose to ignore, the atmosphere in the room became tense again.

Everyone except the young officer stared silently at the three young men who knew ‘Infinity style’ – Especially the one who had seen the ‘Haruhi Suzumiya Series’.

Unconsciously, these nine people have been divided into three groups: Young military officers have been excluded because of the special nature of his profession.

Three young men as ‘informer’ were also excluded.

The remaining people is three men, two women. The five people became the largest group as the mob party.

Although mob parties never express their opinions, they just want to follow the trend but they show the advantage of more people when they have the initiative.

Even more frightening is that this force is blind and can easily be fooled.

But fortunately, two of the mob party were women and the anti-military ‘allergic’ suspicious man was also very low-key.

(The three people who understand ‘Infinity style’ and anime can’t have any accident, there still many information to ask but shortage of time.)

Just as the three informer had leaned against each other in order to counter the scorching eyes of the mob party, the young officer pushed the reflective glasses and chose this critical time to re-enter.

“Humph, mortal wisdom.
Our mission requirements are just ‘successfully capture 1 SOS brigade members’. It’s not too difficult to let everyone complete the mission. You are mistaken to considered only three people can complete the task.”

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