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Sure enough, everyone’s attention was immediately attracted to the young officer by this ‘complete the task’ point.

The three young men who knew ‘Infinity style’ showed more surprise than mob parties.

Is it because they know the story of ‘Haruhi Suzumiya Series’ well, so they think it is impossible for ‘every member to complete’?

Obviously among these three people, one person dressed like a typical ‘unemployed youth’ only knows ‘Infinity style’.

“The mission goal is ‘SOS brigade members’, as long as this condition is met.
If the SOS members is too few, then find a way to let others to join the SOS brigade.
And there are 5 members of the SOS brigade. In addition to three female members, why should two male members be excluded?
Moreover, it is not necessarily the only method is man to capture women. Men and men, women and women also possible so everyone can choose from 5 people.
In addition, the mission requirement is ‘1 per person’. But no one stipulates that each SOS brigade member can only be captured once by one person.
Each of our tasks is relatively independent. Although it cannot be said that there must be no influence on each other, it does not mean that after one person completes the task, the other person cannot complete the task.”

After listening to the analysis of the young officer, all the males of the remaining eight people suddenly got a goose bumps.

Unknowingly, among the two women at the mob party, the young girl in jeans stared at the young officer with a shining eye.

“Your statement is too idealistic!
Putting aside everyone is willing to be in group, you said the tasks between us are independent, but the order of completion of the tasks has a great influence.
If the person in front succeeds in capturing, it is difficult for the person behind to capture the same person again.
And don’t forget that there is still a time problem, the 65-day time is already very tight, let alone two people to share!
The SOS brigade had two men and three women. At the beginning, only two women and three men were allowed to do this task. Who would like to be the remaining three people as second batch to do the task?
Since the consequence of mission failure is obliteration, wouldn’t it be safer to complete the mission first?
As for letting us or others join the SOS group, this is just your guess?
What if it doesn’t work?
Are you willing to be the second batch to do the tasks?
Mr. Officer, I don’t know if you have inadvertently neglected or deliberately ignored these problems.
I just want to say, don’t treat us as fools. Don’t think of fooling ‘my party’ to become cannon fodder as an established policy.”

Surprisingly, a ‘talent’ popped up in the silent mob party.

There was a sarcastic smile on the man’s face, and he secretly signaled that the government was the most unreliable. Look at his ironed suit and his shiny small leather shoes, he is probably the so-called ‘social elite’.

The young officer’s plan was exposed by social elite, but he didn’t feel any guilt and expressionlessly retorted with a voice that was still stable and mechanical: “This is the inferiority of human beings.
Feeling that you already have enough information, can’t wait to jump out and seize power?
Even ants and bees know to work together. But even at this point, there are still people thinking of infighting.
Is the information you have really enough to support you to make accurate judgments?”

“Umm… sorry to disturb…”

Just as the atmosphere between the young officer and the social elite man became subtle, the undressed Northeast High School student looked at the young officer with strange eyes and interrupted the conversation with some fear.

“What is it……”

Faced with the reflective glasses of the young officer, the Northeast male high school student whose whole body was shaking swallowed hard, muster up the courage and weakly asked, “Can you please introduce yourself?”

According to the three young men who understand ‘Infinity style’, every time they enter a new scene, the team will add new people and the new people will introduce themselves every time.

However, under such a tense atmosphere, the request of this male high school student is too abrupt.

How could he suddenly think of letting the young officers introduce himself?

But in addition to him, the other two ‘informer’ even looked at the young officer with very strange eyes.

(These three people must know something important.)

The young officer pushed the reflective glasses and glanced quietly in a circle.

But just such a meaningless habitual movement made the three young men tremble involuntarily, which strengthened his guesses.

The seemingly abrupt question of Northeast High School students is not meaningless.

Although the young officer didn’t know what the other party’s purpose was, he couldn’t avoid the problem in this situation. Even a little hesitation would reduce the trust of others.

After making a quick judgment, he sorted out his military uniform and replied with his head high: “I am Chuxuan.
Special Staff of the General Staff Department of China Liberation Army, my military rank is senior colonel.”

“Hiss ——”

The three young males staring at the ‘Chuxuan senior colonel’ strangely sucking a cold air. You grabbed me, I pulled him, and walked back a few steps, trembling non-stop like a quail in the snow.


Seeing the overreaction of these three people, Chuxuan’s glasses reflected a dazzling light.

“You all know me?”

Will be killed!
Will die, will definitely die! )

Although Chuxuan’s dull voice was just as smooth as usual without up and down, but the three young men seemed to be blown through by the cold winds of Siberia and the upper and lower teeth keep chattering, making a gurgling noise.

(The three people should have never heard of me, but they certainly have a deep impression of the name ‘Chuxuan’.
And they didn’t just think of me as ‘Chuxuan’ because of the same name.
For them, the name is the last element that determines that I am ‘Chuxuan’.
The three people showed the same reaction, but one of them was only familiar with ‘Infinity style’.
‘Infinity style’ includes many novels, of which the most impressive and the one they must have read is…)

Chuxuan in steady step walked in front of the three people, just staring at the Northeast High School student who had just ‘stand out’ and asked him lightly: “You know ‘Chuxuan’ through ‘Terror Infinity’?
Say everything you know.”

Chuxuan’s sudden attack came too fast and too accurate, leaving no time for them to weave lies.

And they themselves didn’t know what the reason was, they didn’t seem to have the courage to lie in front of Chuxuan.

“I-I confess, I confess…”

The Northeast High School student who couldn’t help himself want to run away was putting a sad face, his lips keep trembling while confessing to Chuxuan.

—— Without a doubt, a lesson that can be learned from this is ‘cherish life and stay away from Chuxuan’, this is definitely a prohibited matter.

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