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“I see.”

After listening to the glorious legend of ‘oneself’, Chuxuan pushed the reflective glasses again, and then realized the unusualness of this habitual action.

“For whatever reason even I have no impression of why I gradually developed these habits. But I am neither a genetically modified person without feelings nor has memories related to ‘Terror Infinity’.
However, even if the external behavior is exactly the same as ‘Chuxuan’ in ‘Terror Infinity’, it does not mean that I am the ‘Chuxuan’ in the book, but the many similarities should not be considered as a coincidence alone.
There is no accidental or inevitable in this world. Some are just surely — Or rather, accidental is a probabilistic of inevitability.”

Chu Yuan lowered his hand and said lightly. No one know if he is talking to himself or talking to others.

“You must be Chuxuan. If you are not Chuxuan, no one in the world can deserve the name Chuxuan.”

At this time, the glasses fat man with Beijing dialect leaned close with his face showing a humble smile like a profiteer in the anime movie, doing bow and scrape in attempt to please Chuxuan.

Seeing this, the Northeast High School students and the unemployed youth who had also seen ‘Terror Infinity’ immediately came around unwillingly, and the remaining people looked at each other.

For the fact that ‘Chuxuan senior colonel’ is a character in a novel, it is difficult for the mob parties to accept.

Even if they accepted this ‘setting’, they would have difficulty understanding the kind of heartfelt awe of these three ‘informer’ for Chuxuan.

(Is it that serious? Does Chuxuan in ‘Terror Infinity’ that amazing?)

——This is what the mob party thinks.

This is one of the inferior roots of mankind. Always unwilling to admit that others are stronger than themself, and always subconsciously denies the fact they does not want to believe.

In fact, in addition to the three young men who have seen many ‘Infinity style’ works, those mob parties actually don’t believe everything at all, or don’t want to believe that they have come to a places like ‘Main God Space’.

But the extreme lack of information made them temporarily choose to ‘obey orders and listen to command’ in silence.

“It does not matter much whether I am Chuxuan or not, the name is just a code name.”

Chuxuan regarded the enthusiasm of the three young men in front of him as nothing, and said calmly.

But his zombie face like expression made the three more sure about their judgment.

“Now we need to care more about our own situation.
Although the actual situation we encountered is not different from ‘Terror Infinity’, it is very similar to the otaku type Infinity style novel in ‘Infinity style’.
Continue to collect intelligence and analyze the current situation is what we should do.
So… let’s start with introducing ourselves.”

Chuxuan’s eyes fell on the three young men in front of him.

For reasons other than calculations, these three ‘informers’ had an unusual sense of awe to him, not using them as a breakthrough would be disrespectful to Chuxuan senior colonel IQ.

“My name is Li Mingyuan an ordinary high school student. I am good at… good at…”

Northeast High School student was again the first to be targeted by Chuxuan. Making people worried of his IQ.

If it is explained in a way that the otaku people are familiar with, assuming that Chuxuan’s IQ is equal to Zhuge Liang’s maxed 100, then this Northeast High School student called Li Mingyuan is about 20-40.

“I’m good at… sports?”

Li Mingyuan stuttering for a long while then gave counter-questioning answer without much confidence.

Everyone consciously ignored Li Mingyuan who is lacking in IQ, turned their attention to the smiling glasses fatty with Beijing dialect.

“Hello everyone, my name is Liu Xin, and everyone can call me ‘Meteor’. I’m a high school student like Li Mingyuan.
Although I am not good at sports, in this world that is likely to be otaku type Infinity style. The hundreds of anime, light novels and game knowledge in my mind should be useful.”

It should be said that this fatty with glasses called Liu Xin is worthy of being a high school student under the roots of the imperial city. This temperament is different from other places. The response is not like a normal high school student.

“My name is Lin Zhigang and I am also from the Northeast.
I didn’t study well. After graduating from junior high school, I spent a year outside as a thug. I couldn’t find any work, so I use the backdoor to serve as a soldier for two years.
After deactivate, the work arranged was not good, so I went outside and become a thug again.
I am good at… fighting, and shot a few times in the army.”

The unemployed youth Lin Zhigang organized his speech sentence by sentence can be understand clearly.

Although he admitted that he was a thug street, except for the social elite, no one showed a look of contempt. After all, he wasn’t dressed in an unusual way and his attitude wasn’t arrogant, he just spoke a little rough.

In addition, what he said about ‘fighting’ is not actually carrying a gun on the battlefield but referring to fighting on the street with a steel machete.

After the three young men who were close to Chuxuan introduced themselves, the social elite at the mob party immediately stood up, and the idea of ​​trying to gain dominance within the small group was obvious to Chuxuan.

(Humph, mortal wisdom.)

Against the social elite gaze implying a challenge, Chuxuan expressionlessly pushed the reflective glasses, without saying anything.

After social elite retracted his gaze indifferently, his chin unconsciously raised a few points. He held his head high and said aloud to everyone with confidence and smile: “My name is Zhou Chengli who is successful and with conduct. Everyone should have heard my hometown the famous ancient town of Zhouzhuang in Jiangnan.
After I finished my MBA at Harvard, I returned to China to start a business. Now I have an import and export trading company of 30 million in Pudong, and I have also invested in several IT companies with a total value of about 15 million.
In addition, when I was in the United States, I became a member of the Mensa Club. I still have some confidence in my wisdom…”

Social elite Zhou Chengli maybe from an ancient big family ‘Zhou clan’ in Zhoucheng, his self-introduction is longer than the previous three.

But he also paid attention in controlling the time, refining his speech to within a minutes and ended his bragging before everyone felt bored.

In short, everyone finally knew that Zhou Chengli was not only talented, but also a genius. High IQ, can do business, proficient in English, French, German and Japanese, and studying Latin…

After Zhou Chengli, perhaps was shocked by his aura. The remaining four mob parties like the previous few young people introduced themselves briefly.

Among them, susceptible of anti-military suspicious man Lu Li claimed to be a long-distance driver, and the 40-year-old middle-aged man Linji was a high school chemistry sensei.

Among the two women, Wang Qin, a young girl in jeans is a college student studying human resources management at a second-rate university and also a famous female writer. Zhao Xiaojing who is only wearing white lace sexy underwear is a genuine nurse.

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