Infinity Moe v1c6

After briefly introducing themself, the nine people who were dragged into this unknown world inexplicably knew each other, and the tension in the room eased again.

Is it a sense of security? Everyone was relieved to learn that other people were just like themselves, just an ordinary people.

Because… if they must participate in a brutal competetion, at least they are not necessarily weaker than others, right?

Under this small calculation, the team’s apparent relationship has been established. As an officer, Chuxuan’s leadership position was also recognized by everyone. Even the social elite Zhou Chengli of the Harvard MBA was silently lurking in the water like a crocodile, waiting for his next chance.

Facing everyone’s inquiries, Chuxuan did not take the next step lightly. His first proposal was to let everyone test the task system in their minds as much as possible to find out the function of this system.

Unlike the watch-style task publishing system in ‘Terror Infinity’, the task system used by them appears directly in the mind, and at least feels more futuristic.

Moreover, the full name of this system is called – World Management – Intervention System Code ‘Main God’.

The various functions of this Main God system were soon discovered by young people who are used to playing games. To put it simply, it’s as follow:

Free service: Release tasks, view task progress, remaining time, task maps, free translations in this world universal language, and view personal interfaces.
Charged service: 100 survival points for certification, 300 survival points for full set of resumes, 1000 survival points for initial identity, temporary translation of this world non-universal languages.
Personal interface: personal information, storage space.

In addition, the task in the progress, everyone found a record of survival point +1000, which may be the first time to enter the mission world, or received the basic reward of the initial mission.

So they have the money to use the charged service in the Main God system with these 1,000 survival points.

I have to say that this damn Main God system feels too much like a cash grab online game.

“This, this is like a child’s play!”

Looking at the ‘certification’ in the charged service, social elite Zhou Chengli felt insulted and gritted his teeth indignantly.

As a high-ranking person, he always bears the pleasure of playing with others, but he cannot accept that he has become the object of other people’s play.

“In the eyes of people or gods with this technology, maybe we are just a plaything.”

Chuxuan senior colonel stared intently at a certain system function and said calmly.

He has just tried out the storage space just now, and he has to say that this has brought him a great shock – He can actually use his mind to put any inanimate objects into the storage space and then take it out.

Who owns this technology that can be equated with fantasy. In the eyes of mankind, how is it different from God?

(In addition to the standard initial identity arranged by Main God, you can also set your own identity… It should be based on the impact on the plot or the characters of the plot to determine the cost.)

Chuxuan stared at the ‘Arrangement of Initial Identity: Exchange Students from Chinese Imperial International School (Grade 2)’ in the charged service, and had some thoughts in mind.

After testing, Chuxuan found that the minimum fee for arranging the initial identity is 1,000 survival points, and if you want to set your own identity, it will not be lower than this number. Moreover, it seems that this initial identity cannot be directly related to the main plot characters.

By the way, identity as ‘Kyon’s neighbor’ needs 1500 points, ‘Haruhi Suzumiya’s neighbor’ needs 10000 points. With ‘Nagato Yuki’s lover’, ‘Asahina Mikuru’s subordinate’ and ‘Koizumi Itsuki colleagues’ were rejected by the Main God system.

Chuxuan told everyone about this discovery, and at the same time learned from everyone that the initial identity arranged by Main God for everyone is not exactly the same.

Chuxuan senior colonel, high school student Li Mingyuan and Liu Xin, unemployed youth Lin Zhigang, university student Wang Qin, and nurse Xiao Zhaojing’s initial identities are all ‘interchange students from Chinese imperial international school (second year)’; while social elite Zhou Chengli, long distance driver Lu Li and Linji chemistry teacher initial identities are an ‘exchange sensei (English, physical education, chemistry) from China Imperial International School’.

To set the identity of a few exchange students to exchange sensei need 1500 survival points, and to change the identity of exchange sensei to exchange students need 3000 survival points.

It seems that the Main God system thinks that the academic qualifications can be easily forged, but the appearance is not easy to disguise.

“The initial identity of this exchange student is actually not necessary.”

Noticing the tangled expression on the faces of several people, Chuxuan pushed his reflective glasses and inserted a sentence in time.

Hearing this sentence, everyone immediately looked at Chuxuan in unison. Those three knew ‘Infinity style’ very well, and they knew that Chuxuan’s powerful young men even they eyes are shining.

It seems that everyone is actually reluctant to exchange all their assets for 1,000 survival points for this initial identity.

“Our mission time is 65 days and 14 hours, we can use a fake identity as long as we are not exposed during this period of time.
If there are people in the team who understand Japan’s underground forces and people who can quickly obtain a large amount of funds, we can arrange a fake identity for us.
Spend more time, even if it is a real identity arrangement is not difficult – As long as there is enough money.
It seems that there is no one among us who understands the underground forces in Japan.”

Chuxuan’s glasses glanced around in a reflective manner. His eyes were blocked by the lens, and stayed on the suspicious man Lu Li who claimed to be a long-distance driver.

Lu Li’s expression was indeed changed when he heard “Japanese underground forces”, but his emotions did not fluctuate much.

Something wrong is with this person but it should not be a big problem.

After taking the opportunity to confirm this, Chuxuan went on to say: “Since this is the case, then we can just spend 100 survival points and get a certificate from Main God…”

“Wait! How can you be sure that Main God didn’t give us a fake certificate?”

Social elite Zhou Chengli raised a question at this time. Finally couldn’t help jumping out again?

“I’m not sure, I just chose the greatest possibility.
Judging from the Main God charge standard that I roughly guessed when I tried different identity settings before, it is possible to spend 100 survival points on a certificate, and there is a 90% possibility that it is genuine.
In addition, among the 100 survival points, perhaps one of the survival points used to make documents is not needed. The remaining 99 points are used to tamper with the relevant data.”

Chuxuan simply explained in a few sentences, and ignored the social elite.

“After I have the certificate, I can get a lot of money as long as I have a computer. After that, it should not be difficult fot us to enter the school where the SOS brigade is located.
If we want to be more secure, we can also spend another 300 points to make an excellent resume, so that we don’t need to spend too much money, and we are likely to enter the SOS brigade school smoothly.”

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