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“Wait! Don’t believe him! There are several fatal loopholes in his method!”

Just when everyone was clearly tempted, social elite Zhou Chengli appeared again and his right index finger pointed at Chuxuan while shouting.

“As long as you choose to apply for a certificate, it is tantamount to putting your destiny in the hands of others. You will be regretting not having the 1,000 survival points once there is a problem.”

Zhou Chengli lowered his hand and turned to face the crowd with a very serious expression.

“You should know that taking shortcuts will produce higher returns, and you will naturally have to take higher risks.
Fake is fake after all. In addition to the exchange of initial identity, even if the certificate and resume of Main God are true, it will definitely not withstand the field investigation.
Of course, under normal circumstances, there are real documents and a full set of resumes that can be checked, and basically no one will specifically investigate our details on the spot. This risk is within an acceptable range.
But everyone may have overlooked one thing – Although we now look like in the same team but not necessarily in the same front. Our task is actually conflicting.
The completion conditions of that task should be counted in everyone’s mind!
If you choose to apply for a license, as long as one of the team chooses to exchange your initial identity, then your destiny is tantamount to being held in that person hand.
Normally no one will investigate our details further, but what about unusual circumstances?
For the person who redeemed his initial identity, only he is a ‘genuine’, and we are all ‘fake’. If he chooses to report us, can he easily eliminate all other competitors?”

I have to say that Zhou Chengli deserves to be a member of the Mensa Club (self-proclaimed), his brain is quite good.

More importantly, the words he said were directed at the dark spots in the human heart. Everyone asks themselves, they all feel that if they think of this method, they may implement it.

Everyone’s eyes unconsciously glanced at Chuxuan. After all, Zhou Chengli said that ‘man’, although not explicitly stated, would naturally let people see the proposer.

Facing Zhou Chengli’s accusations and others’ suspicious eyes, Chuxuan still didn’t change his face. He pushed his reflective eyes without hurry, and said indifferently: “This is the inferiority of human beings, which is really inferior enough.
Our task has not yet reached the point where we must fight to death, as long as we can restrain our greed a little bit, everyone can be saved.
It is really puzzling. Under the circumstances where the benefits of eliminating teammates cannot be measured at all, what kind of low moral standards are necessary to think that the weight of conscience and human life on the balance is lighter?
However, this is how people’s hearts feel. Even a little dissatisfaction can easily grow into an ugly killing intent.
Now that everyone has concerns, let’s all exchange to initial identities.”

Chuxuan lightly eliminates the adverse effects that Zhou Chengli has brought to himself. His indifferent attitude, which does not care about personal interests at all makes many people feel ashamed.

After all, as Chuxuan said, this is not a brutal mission with life in line, and they don’t even see how much benefit after completing the mission. How can they easily think of eliminated others?

That’s all life!

Everyone’s eyes involuntarily shifted from Chuxuan to Zhou Chengli, with a bit of unclear complex emotions.

“Although we have decided to exchange for initial identity, we should still find a place where we can go online first. After all, the information we have is seriously lacking.”

When Zhou Chengli’s face was green, Chuxuan did not choose to make thing difficult for him, but continued to arrange the next step.

Perhaps, from the beginning to the end, he did not take this so-called social elite, Harvard MBA and Mensa club members into his eyes.

——I don’t know if Chuxuan thinks this way, but at least Zhou Chengli who was ‘rescued’, has a very strong sense of humiliation in his heart right now.

(Asshole! Why don’t you look at me! Why don’t you take a look at me from beginning to end! Chuxuan!)

“Oh, the computer…
The room we are in should be the clubroom of the future SOS brigade. Before being occupied by Haruhi Suzumiya, it still belonged to the literature club.
Beside this clubroom, it should be the clubroom of computer science club, which should have a computer with internet access. “

Speaking of computers, megane fatty Liu Xin cleverly played his role, telling the relevant information of the computer science club that has appeared several times in anime and novels.

“Well, then let’s take a look first.”

Chuxuan simply nodded and turned to twist the door of the room.

At this time, new task information appeared in everyone’s eyes:

The task started.
Remaining time : 65 days, 13 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds.

Chuxuan’s body stopped for a bit then walked out of the door without hesitation, and the others immediately followed.

In this incredible otaku type Main God space, the inexplicable task of failure capturing bishoujo’s being wiped out officially started!

Behind Chuxuan who had walked out of the door, three young people who had watched ‘Terror Infinity’ joined together.

Megane fatty Liu Xing’s eyes looked at Chuxuan’s back, brought his head closer to the other two, and pressed his mouth to lower his voice and asked, “Ah, do you two think Chuxuan is intentional?”


Li Mingyuan IQ the same with chickens, did not understand Liu Xin’s meaning asked carefreely. Fatty quickly hugged his head in pain, he lowered his voice and explained: “I mean Chuxuan let us take the certificate. Deliberately digging a hole for Zhou Chengli to jump to.”


Li Mingyuan raised his head in a sudden enlightenment, and then his face changed as if he just reacted. Leaned his head just like fatty while lowering his voice, he replied, “Sir, I think this matter is a bit strange. Yuanfang, what’s your opinion?”

Originally, Lin Zhigang knew that his identity as a hoodlum was unwelcome, so he always kept a low profile among the three since he spoke rudely. But since Li Mingyuan asked him directly, he took the opportunity to join the conversation between the two.

“This… is really hard to say. But I think if we really jumped into the trap, Chuxuan would really do it if he felt it necessary.”

Both Liu Xin and Li Mingyuan nod deeply, covering their mouths in unison and agreeing, “I also think so!”

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