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At the door of the computer science club next to the literature club, after force open the door, Li Mingyuan come in and showed his talents to perform a stunt of using a phone card to open the lock of the computer science club.

It must be said that this experiment fully proves that the quality of infrastructure construction in Chinese high schools has been equal to that of Japan-at least on the door lock.


Just when everyone was about to enter the room, Zhao Xiaojing who always maintaining her silent and also at the end of the line, couldn’t help but sneeze.

“I-I suddenly feel cold.”

Seeing everyone’s eyes focused on her, Zhao Xiaojing blushed pulled the wide skirt of the sports school uniform peculiar to Chinese high schools, and the two shiny white thighs rubbed together in anxiety.

Before opening the door of that room, the task has not started and the room should be a ‘safe zone’.
The temperature and environment in the safe zone are naturally the most suitable for survival, but referring to the story of ‘Infinity style’, this may not be the case outside the safe zone.
We should be prepared as much as possible in advance to deal with a variety of harsh environment equipment-it would be better if there is a universal type of adaptive equipment.”

Beside the female college student Wang Qin, Chuxuan was the first person to take his gaze away from Zhao Xiaojing’s thigh.

He casually analyzed the problems with the safe zone, and at the same time took the lead in entering the computer science club.

“That… um… Sister Zhao. Open and take a look at your storage space, there should be a Kita High school uniform. You won’t get too cold when you put it on.”

Li Mingyuan the Northeast High School student wearing only autumn coat in his upper body scratched his face a little embarrassedly, enthusiastically suggested while avoiding looking at her snowy thighs.

“Eh, really? I didn’t even notice it…”

Zhao Xiaojing answered with some surprise. Not only her but everyone else also the same.

“You have already exchanged your initial identity?”

Social elite Zhou Chengli immediately reacted and looked at Li Mingyuan in surprise.

“Yeah, Chuxuan senior colonel just said ‘everyone should exchange for the initial identity’.”

Seeing that Li Mingyuan took this for granted, Zhou Chengli and others were speechless.

Maybe this brat is really obedient… or a simpleton… or maybe the body reacts faster than the brain?

“So this is the benefit of redeeming the initial identity, which is really convenient.”

While everyone look inside their storage, Chuxuan was holding a blue-green suit-like school uniform jacket for boys. His glasses were staring at the void in front of him, looking at something.

This Main God system that appears directly in the brain is quite lacking. The system interface can only be seen by oneself, but not by others.

No, maybe this is its advantage?

In other words… does the nine people in this team really see the same task?

(Look, even the first to propose them has not exchanged them until now.)

Everyone looked at the clueless Li Mingyuan who could not help but become embarrassed.

This kid is really silly, it didn’t suit his name.

Because the first ‘tester’ Li Mingyuan discovery, everyone first put the new set of clothes that appeared in the storage space after the initial identity exchange, and then began to collect information online in the computer science club.

Through the internet, they finally determined that they really came to a different world now. Originally, the nine people time point was scattered between April and June 2013, but now it is 28 March 1999 (Sunday)!

Their task period is 65 days and 14 hours, and the current time is already more than 10 am on March 28, so the task end time should be 2:00 on June 2.

As soon as he sat at the computer, Chuxuan operated it with ease and used the Japanese version of outdated Windows 98 (in terms of the 2013 standard). He quickly searched various information on the internet.

Politics, economy, technology, history… Chuxuan collected a lot of information and compared it with his original world and was surprised to find that, in addition to the parts related to Haruhi Suzumiya, this world and his world can be said to be completely identical.

Due to the time of creation, Chuxuan did not find the novel ‘Terror Infinity’ in the internet, not even the legendary ‘Chuxuan’, nor the Haruhi Suzumiya Series’ light novel.

Maybe in the future ‘Terror Infinity’ will also appear in this world, but ‘Haruhi Suzumiya series’ may not appear.

However a few years later, Kyon will recorded his personal experience and then submitted the paper under the pseudonym of Nagaru Tanigawa, and Haruhi Suzumiya squeezed him the cost of the manuscript and royalties – may happens.

Because the number of computers is not enough, except Chuxuan, eight other people share five computers to browse information.

The only people who knew Japanese were social elite Zhou Chengli, glasses fatty Liu Xin and Chuxuan. But thanks to Main God free translation, all of them now can use Japanese just like a Japanese.

However, although the translation function of Main God perfectly includes all parts of listening, speaking, reading and writing, it will not improve the typing level. Those who are not used to using Japanese input method will have a slower typing speed.

Li Mingyuan with his empty brain didn’t know what to investigate, just like everyone tried to investigate through the internet whether China of this world has another version of themselves. But of course found nothing, not even anyone they knew.

Either there is no concept of alternate self in a parallel universe in this world, or they replace themselves when they enter this world, or Main God temporarily blocks this information.

Of course, these have little to do with them, and everyone just wants to check it out of curiosity. After all, everyone is a completely independent individual, even if it is alternate self in a parallel universe, it just a twins existence for them.

Li Mingyuan at the side of fatty Liu Xin and unemployed youth Lin Zhigang soon became tired after looked at them checking the information.

He left the chair, stood up and stretched his waist, then walked around the cumputer club clubroom.

Whether it is social elite Zhou Chengli or the two girls, all of them also checking various materials. But when he go to Chuxuan, Li Mingyuan’s eyes lit up.

This, this is… unexpected… “

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