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Silver white long hair, black cloth mask, left eye covered with Konoha headband.

This… Is this Hatake Kakashi?

Under the dark night, a skinny teenager looked at the mirror in shock.

“What’s going on? How did I become Kakashi?” The boy murmured under the shocked face.

A wave of memories suddently entered his head, the teenager groaned and then fainted.

Through treetops and the moon, the teenager shook his heavy head, crawled up slowly, and sat on the floor.

Looking at the obvious Japanese-style bedroom, the teenager smiled bitterly.

Looked at the mess outside the window, the young man sighed.

Kyuubi’s chaos!

Yondaime’s death!

Obito, Rin…

This is the world of ninja, and he became Hatake Kakashi, a man with tragedy in his life.

Lost his father first, then lost his best friend Obito, and then killed another friend, Rin. Today he lost his sensei, Minato. Perhaps it was the huge fluctuation of emotions that allowed this soul from the earth to occupy Kakashi’s body.

But Kakashi’s soul did not dissipate, but merged with this soul from the earth. It is precisely because of this that he fainted just now.

Kakashi rubbed his silver hair and looked at himself in the mirror blankly, sighing quietly. He remembered the famous saying of the transmigrator: “Since we are here, we may as well stay and make the best of it.”

It was already midnight, and the first night after Kyuubi’s ravages. The entire Konoha was eerily silent. Whether the villagers or ninja, they were too tired.

Expect the necessary precautions, everyone else fell asleep early.

Tomorrow will be the funeral of the deceased. Among them is Konoha’s youngest Hokage, also Kakashi’s sensei, Namikaze Minato.

Perhaps influenced by Kakashi remaining conscious, the teenager feels very depressed. The teenager stood up with a sigh, walked to his bed, and lay prone on it with confused eyes.

Konoha technician, Sharingan Kakashi. Perhaps in the early stage, Kakashi’s force value is not bad. But in the later period, especially during the ninja world war, Kakashi’s role is getting smaller and smaller. Except for fighting with Obito, the rest is done by the protagonist.

Hi can finally able to help, because he got the complete Sharingan temporarily from Obito after his death.

Moreover, Kakashi had once died. When facing Rinnegan Tendō, he died. If it wasn’t for Naruto who persuaded Nagato to use Gedō’s Rinne Tensei no Jutsu. Kakashi had long been buried underground.

But Kakashi is known as a genius, 12-year-old Jonin set a new record for Konoha, and even Itachi didn’t have such achievements. How could it become like this later?

Later on, it feels like he have vanished. He was strong, but not as strong as imagined. He can support everyone for a while, but it is eventually not enough, so he was dubbed half Hatake.

Some people say that Kakashi’s growth became so slow after Yondaime’s death that he gradually couldn’t keep up with the protagonist’s pace.

At the time of Yondaime’s death, Kakashi was only 13-14 years old. It was a period when ninja’s strength was rapidly increasing. Didn’t you see how terrible Naruto and Sasuke’s strength improved when they were 13-16 years old? Their force value was like hurricane, proper Kage level, and finally beyond Kage level, has become the most powerful existence in the world of Hokage.

It can be seen that the death in the surroundings led to Kakashi golden period of rapid improvement of strength to stagnant, so that it was too late when he later tried to work hard. Although there were improvements, there was no very huge leap.

Kakashi thought of this and sorted out his thoughts. He didn’t look stout, but he was full of explosive arms. Kakashi knew that the world was dangerous, so he had to do his best to survive.

Fortunately, he didn’t start from scratch. Originally Kakashi’s physical fitness and ninjutsu is already quite good. As long as he get more familiar with the body, he temporarily has the capital to fight. This is Jonin’s strength!

Kakashi was fourteen when Naruto just born, 12 years from the beginning of the plot, and 17 years from the final battle.

17 years!

Kakashi squeezed his fist tightly, inwardly said: “In seventeen years, although it is still a long time, it still has to be grasped.”

The original Kakashi strength is still very comprehensive, he is very good with taijutsu, genjutsu, ninjutsu, coupled with excellent mind, can be said to be a very outstanding role, otherwise it will not attract a lot of fans.

Kakashi is best known for his Sharingan, known as copy ninja.

Many people think that Kakashi succeed because Sharingan and loss because Sharingan.

It is true that with Sharingan Kakashi has achieved tremendous achievements, but on the other hand, Sharingan also limits Kakashi’s growth.

Kakashi is originally a genius, and he has outstanding talents. If not restricted by Sharingan, he might grow to a higher level.

Some people say that Kakashi has less chakra. Indeed, it is not difficult to find out in the plot. Kakashi said that he has not enough chakra. But are there really so few chakras in Kakashi? Actually, it’s not that Kakashi has less chakra. The reason why it consumes so quickly is because of Sharingan.

As non-Uchiha clan, Kakashi has great restrictions on using Sharingan.

First, Sharingan cannot be turned off, which causes chakra to be consumed every moment.

The second is when using Sharingan, the consumption of chakra is intensified, and cause great harm to the body when overused.

This is why Kakashi often faints after using Sharingan.

If Kakashi is not subject to Sharingan, his total amount of chakra is no less than Sandaime Hokage. This is not without basis. In the official data, the chakra data of Sandaime Hokage and Kakashi are the same.

Therefore, Kakashi’s total amount of chakra may be small, but there is no such thing as chakra is not enough.

It can be seen how Sharingan restricts Kakashi’s chakra.

Therefore, to develop Kakashi’s strength, one is to lift Sharingan’s restrictions on himself, and the other is to increase the amount of chakra.

Kakashi caressed his left eye and felt a scorching heat in his eyes, an evil force was breeding in it. Kakashi can feel that Sharingan is slowly consuming his chakra, although not much, but it’s being consumed every moment.

Kakashi lifted the forehead protector and saw a blade scar running through his eyelids, a scarlet in his eyes, and a black three tomoe spinning slowly.

This is Sharingan, which claims to be the number one great Dōju of Hokage. This dōjutsu only recognizes Uchiha clan. Other people use it will have side effects. Kakashi was exhausted with one, Danzo used a pile to mess up his body, and transplanted a bunch of things to use, making him looks like a monster.

The more powerful you are, the heavier you pay. This sentence is not unreasonable.

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