Kakashi c2

In the early morning, the first ray of sunlight shone on the windows of Kakashi’s house, and the pale boy stood quietly.

Kakashi who had not slept all night, put on a black suit, tied the headband on his head and then went out.

On the broken street of Konohagakure, people walking in groups of two and three. Each of them dressed in a black dress with white flowers for the memorial service in their hands.

Kakashi was a little uncomfortable due to the sunshine, his white eyebrows were wrinkled. Kakashi not completely used to one-eyed line of sight. With the tiredness of not sleeping all night, Kakashi suddenly felt a little dizzy and his body was a little swaying.

“Kakashi, what’s wrong with you.”

At this time, Kakashi who about to collapse was supported by both hands, and the rough voice came.

Kakashi looked back and saw a watermelon head appeared in front of him. The whole body was green, green tights, bowl-style haircut, thick eyebrows. He knows the identity of the person in front of him.

“Ah, Guy, I’m fine.” Kakashi said, breaking away from Guy’s hand and standing upright.

Guy frowned and said, “Kakashi, your complexion looks bad.”

“Ah, it’s okay, just a little tired.”

Guy sighed and said, “Kakashi, my life opponent, let’s come to the funeral first.”

Kakashi glanced at Guy and said, “Sorry Guy, I forgot it was today.”

“Kakashi, youth can’t be so decadent.” Guy said, a burning fire burst into his eyes.

Kakashi smiled and said, “Guy, I’m fine. Today’s youth, let’s put it aside for now, let’s go to the funeral.”

Guy also smirked: “Well, Kakashi, you don’t seem to have white flowers.”

Kakashi stunned, he really did not prepare.

Guy took out two white flowers from behind and handed one to Kakashi, saying, “Hold it, I know you will forget to prepare.”

Kakashi took it, it warmed his heart.

The two chatted with each other, and soon came to the funeral.

In the middle of the funeral, there is a photo of a gentle man smiling, his blonde hair like a sun.

This is the fourth Hokage of Konoha ninja village, the fastest ninja in the world, the ‘Yellow Flash’ that feared by enemies.

The youngest genius Hokage in history, is now become history.

Kakashi was absentminded for a while.

Guy at the side said at this time: “Kakashi, Yondaime Hokage-sama has guarded the village with his own life and is a great hero.”

“Yeah, he is great.”

“Kakashi, I want to die like a hero one day.”

Kakashi turned his head and looked at the funny-looking man. At this moment, his face was not as simple as usual, but a serious and solemn never seen before.

“Guy, I hope you can live to old age, not die so vigorously.”

“Kakashi, this is not ninja’s method of death.”

“Ah, but I hope you don’t die in front of me. If you want to sacrifice like a hero, can you die after me? I don’t want to attend your funeral.”

“Kakashi, you…”

At this time, an elderly man came over and said, “Kakashi, Guy.”

Kakashi and Guy respectfully said, “Sandaime Hokage-sama.”

Wearing a Hokage robe, the one who come to them is Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen.

Sandaime said: “Kakashi, you have become a little different.”

Kakashi was silent.

Sandaime sighed and said, “As long as there are leaves flying, the fire will keep burning. The shadow of the fire will shine on the village, and let the new leaves germinate. To protect their most cherished person… ninja will show its real strength. Kakashi, do you understand?”

“I know, but I don’t want the people I cherish to die in front of me, especially to protect me.”

“Then you have to become stronger, strong enough to protect everything. Use your heart to cherish your companions, to change everything.”

Kakashi stunned, then said seriously: “I will, Sandaime-sama.”

Sandaime nodded and said, “Let’s go, it’s time to go in.”

“Um. Guy, let’s go.” Kakashi finished and walked into the cemetery.

“Oh, Kakashi, wait for me.” Guy responded, keeping up with Kakashi in two steps.

The funeral lasted for a day, and in the evening, Kakashi dragged his tired body back to his home.

Kakashi still lives in the Hatake family house, where Konoha White Fang lived before his death, and has not moved out.

After losing his father, the house became a little empty.

Lying on the bed at home, Kakashi touched the left eye, Sharingan’s warmth had not stopped. Kakashi was somewhat helpless, secretly said: “This Sharingan is constantly consuming physical strength and chakra. It is no wonder that the original Kakashi can’t stand a protracted battle. Is there any way to solve this problem? Kakashi in original work has not solved it, a large part of the reason is that Sharingan has the will of Obito and can’t bear to mess with it, but now that I am in dominant, I can’t stay in such a constraint.”

Kakashi touched his chin and thought about it, suddenly his eyes lit up.

He can solve his problem if he seal Sharingan when not used. Fūinjutsu? he doesn’t have memory about this ninjutsu, he can use Fūja Hōin later, but it’s not suitable for sealing Sharingan.

“I can ask Minato sensei if he is still here.”

Kakashi sighed, but didn’t feel helpless.

Although fūinjutsu is hard to find, Kakashi can still get it.

First of all, although only Kakashi remains in the Hatake family, the family heritage is still there. Especially Kage level experts such as White Fang who can use many ninjutsu and even some fūinjutsu.

Then, Minato sensei’s wife, Uzumaki Kushina’s fūinjutsu is high. No one in Konoha can beat her in this. Minato sensei’s fūinjutsu is taught by Kushina.

Although Minato sensei and his wife are dead now, in Kakashi last birthday, Kushina give him a sealing scroll. Kakashi didn’t have much interest in fūinjutsu at that time, so he haven’t seen it yet.

Finally, with Sandaime Hokage’s emphasis on Kakashi, kinjutsu may be a bit troublesome, but one or two fūinjutsu is enough to seal Sharingan. Sandaime should be willing to help him. But it is quite troublesome to explain about sealing the Sharingan to Sandaime.

After all, in order to keep his Sharingan, Minato sensei and Sandaime faced the pressure of Uchiha clan.

“Let’s first take a look at the sealing scroll left by teacher’s wife and father to see if there is any suitable ninjutsu.” Kakashi secretly said.

According to his memory, Kakashi took out the scroll given to him by Kushina and began to read it.

After a long time, Kakashi exhaled and said, “This fūinjutsu is really complicated. I’m afraid I can’t understand a word if the original body didn’t know the basic. Unfortunately, the scroll given by Kushina is based on fūinjutsu, with practical fūinjutsu. Although it is also very rare, but there is no fūinjutsu that can seal Sharingan. The only fūinjutsu is actually the Fūja Hōin used by later generations, which is a harvest.”

Kakashi thought for a while and said inwardly: “Looks like there is no fūinjutsu in the scroll, so I can only see if there is any fūinjutsu in the scroll left by father.”

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