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Kakashi picked up the flashlight beside him, walked to the backyard of Hatake’s house, and came to ancestral hall of Hatake’s family.

This is the Hatake family shrine for the family head of the previous generations, and it is also the secret place of Hatake family.

Under the dim light, there are four ancestral tablet in the ancestral hall. The last one is Kakashi’s father, Hatake Sakumo, known as Konoha White Fang. Even Sannin respect him.

Having said that, Kakashi’s father, master, and students are all brilliant characters.

Next to the ancestral hall is the Hatake family’s collection of ninjutsu.

Kakashi bowed respectfully toward the ancestral tablet, then walked to a wall next to him, squatted down, Kakashi hand seals and shouted, “Kai!”

A large hole was exposed between the originally flat areas, and the inside was dark.

Kakashi is not surprised by this. In the memory of the original body, this is the forbidden place of the Hatake family.

Kakashi jumped down without hesitation, and not long after, he had a down-to-earth touch.

Turning on the flashlight, there are rows and rows of bookcases with thousands of scrolls on it.

“It’s really a lot. The Hatake family really has some background, that is, the family generations have thinned out, otherwise it may not be a strong clan in Konoha.”

Hatake clan’s status in Konoha is actually a bit awkward. After Second Shinobi World War, Hatake’s family members have not been prosperous, basically one son for several generations. But because this it can lift up the clan fame and has a good reputation, even big families like Hyuga and Uchiha dare not underestimate Hatake clan.

However, now that White Fang died prematurely, although Kakashi is Jonin, he hasn’t fully grown up yet, so this reputation will be much smaller.

Looking around, most of them are 4 elements jutsu, of which, Raiton ninjutsu is the most.

After all, Hatake clan basically has lightning attribute.

There are some more common ninjutsu, such as clone technique.

In a small corner, several scrolls were solitary, Kakashi felt it, and picked it up, with “Hatake kenjutsu” written on the side of the scroll.

Kenjutsu! White Fang relied on this to become famous, Kakashi started learning taijutsu from an early age.

White Fang’s kenjutsu is not just simple taijutsu, but similar to Raikage’s taijutsu. Otherwise, people will not be afraid with just White Fang shortblade alone.

It should be noted that ninja in their late stages has a terrible power.

Kakashi scrolled through the scroll. In fact, he had read it many times, but after getting Sharingan, Kakashi gave up kenjutsu and did not continue to practice.

The reason is very simple. Hatake clan’s kenjutsu cultivation to the later stage also requires a huge chakra as a basis to exert great power. Practice to the highest level, cutting a mountain with one slash is not impossible.

But under Sharingan, Kakashi’s chakra is not only restricted, but even the rate of growth has become extremely slow. You know, Kakashi is developing at a rapid speed, and it is also the time when chakra grows the fastest, but because of Sharingan, this growth rate has become very slow.

Kakashi carefully scrolled through the scroll, and his heart was very touched. How could this powerful taijutsu not learn.

Kakashi clenched his fists, and his thoughts on sealing the Sharingan became stronger.

Kakashi wanted to seal Sharingan not to give it up, but to lift the restrictions on himself.

It’s been almost two years since he got Sharingan. Three tomoe Sharingan Kakashi has been very skilled in using it. For Mangekyō Sharingan, although Kakashi has opened the eyes with Obito, but at this time Kakashi’s spirit force is not enough to open it again. He already knows this when the new Kakashi memories merged.

The fusion of the two souls is not yet complete. When the true fusion is completed, Kakashi’s spirit force will be at least doubled. At the same time, Mangekyō can also be used naturally, but that powerful side effect daunted him. It’s better not to use it lightly for now.

All in all, Sharingan can be used as a trump card, but it cannot be over-reliant. The first task now is to seal Sharingan, so that his own strength can be greatly increased. Then, maybe he can fully control Sharingan later.

In fact, in Kakashi’s mind, he has some ideas about evolving Sharingan.

Mangekyō Sharingan is still not strong enough, it will also affect vision so it can’t be used much.

Mangekyō needs to go one step further, that is Eternal Mangekyō, but Mangekyō Sharingan needs direct family members to be formed.

That is, the eyes of siblings and parents.

The fusion of eyes injects new eyes power to create new eyes.

And part of the eyes power is the spirit force, which is Inton.

Sharingan originally belonged to the category of Inton.

The spirit force is powerful enough to extend the longevity of Mangekyō Sharingan.

Kakashi’s original spirit force was indeed inadequate, but the fusion of the two souls now gives Kakashi a spirit force that is hard for ordinary people to match.

In addition, Kakashi only needs to train Sharingan, which requires much lower spirit force.

Therefore, as long as Kakashi’s chakra achieves the perfect combination with spirit force, even without Eternal Mangekyō, it can extend the life of the eyes.

Of course it was easy to say, he need to explore it slowly.

The most reliable way is the fusion of Sharingan with close relative to achieve eternal eye.

It’s just that Obito has no living relatives.

Without eternal eye, the use of Kamui is a big problem.

Senju cells are a solution, but as a member of Konoha, Kakashi is naturally unable to steal Shodai cells. He will become Nukenin if it was discovered. Kakashi does not want that to happens.

At least, this approach is too dangerous before there is absolute power.

Perhaps senjutsu is also a solution to the problem. The power of Sennin is contained in Hashirama cells.

Although the body of Sennin is not equivalent to senjutsu, there should be a little connection between the two.

Sharingan and natural energy combine with each other, it may lead to some special change.

Kakashi doesn’t know if this will succeed, but it is indeed worth a try.

Even if it is not successful, learning senjutsu is also a good improvement to his own strength.

As for where to learn, it is necessary to plan slowly, he just need to find the three sacred lands.

Whether it is senjutsu or Sharingan, it needs a huge chakra as a support, so the top priority is chakra!

As for the final Rinnegan, Kakashi has little clue.

Original work only introduced one way to open Rinnegan, with eternal eye as the foundation, combine Asura and Indra’s chakra, drawing out the power of Rikudō.

Therefore, the focus is still on Rikudō’s power and eternal eye.

Kakashi let out a sigh, he just transmigrated not long ago. Kakashi temporarily would not put too much thought on Sharingan. For the current Kakashi, Sharingan is still doing more harm than good. When Kakashi grows to a certain level, Sharingan’s ability will really come in handy.

Copy ninja sounds very powerful, but it just to look flashy.

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