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Kakashi put away the kenjutsu scroll after reading it, he want to use this kenjutsu!

Turning around, Kakashi looked at the other corner that covered with dust. There were three words written on it, three words that moved his heart.


Sweep the dust from above, he saw three scrolls arranged neatly on the bookcase.

Kakashi picked up the first scroll and his pupils can’t help but shrink, he exclaimed: “Ura Shishō Fūin! How is this possible?”

This is not surprising for Kakashi, Ura Shishō Fūin, that is Uzumaki clan’s thing, how could it appear here!

Kakashi is a descendant of Uzumaki clan?

Could it be the wife of White Fang who never appeared in original work?

How come?

If Kakashi is really a descendant of Uzumaki clan, he should have plenty of chakra and won’t be restricted by Sharingan.

Implying a Sharingan is better than half a Kyuubi?

How can that be?

Perhaps Kakashi did not inherit Uzumaki clan talent?

Kakashi shook his head, his thoughts were a little confused.

In Kakashi’s memory, he has never seen his mother, and White Fang rarely mentioned it. Is he really from Uzumaki clan?

No one in the village has ever seen Kakashi’s mother, even Sandaime. Kakashi only knew that when his father was young, he went out to perform a task and was seriously injured. He returned only a year later with his newly born baby.

At that time, it seemed that the Land of Whirlpools was destroyed!

Kakashi suddenly realized, is this a coincidence?

For a time, it seemed as though thousands of thoughts appeared in Kakashi’s mind.

Maybe something happens!

In original work, Kakashi died in the hands of Pain and then saw White Fang. He should be dead in that state. Otherwise, how could he be resurrected by Nagato’s Rinne Tensei.

Why can White Fang talk to Kakashi after dying for decades?

It’s feel like Minato Kushina sealing her chakra on Naruto!

Could it be!

White Fang also sealed his chakra on Kakashi!

No, not chakra, but his soul!

Kakashi was startled and suddenly remembered that in the final battle, Kabuto summoned a group of dead experts.

With the exception of Jiraiya’s dead body, the Hokage souls were sealed with Shiki Fūjin. Of the famous experts, only White Fang was not summoned.

Did Kabuto forget?

This is unlikely, after all, White Fang’s reputation is louder than Sannin.

Therefore, the only explanation is that White Fang was probably imprisoned by fūinjutsu similar to Shiki Fūjin.

Kabuto tried to summon White Fang after Pain invaded Konoha, but failed, so he thought White Fang could not be summoned.

After meeting with Kakashi, the seal of White Fang’s soul was lifted, but Kabuto did not make a second attempt, so White Fang did not appeared again.

Of course, it may also be because White Fang has no more wish and cannot be summoned.

This may be why Kabuto can’t summon White Fang!

As for why White Fang sealed his soul on Kakashi, it is likely to give Kakashi a second life!

Kakashi is dead before he can see White Fang. Meeting at this time is meaningless unless White Fang can bring Kakashi back to life.

In the original work, White Fang saw Kakashi dead, calmly talked slowly, until Kakashi was resurrected, and White Fang did not look surprised. Obviously, he knew that there was a resurrection technique in him, but he did not expect that someone else would do it, but that revolves around the light of Kakashi, White Fang knows it is the light of resurrection.

White Fang committed suicide. He was more or less worried about the young Kakashi. This is a normal idea for a father. So it is not impossible to use this kinjutsu to protect Kakashi’s life.

Kakashi’s eyes lit up, and many doubts seemed to be suddenly solved.

The Ura Shishō Fūin scroll also made Kakashi feel a little warm.

Taking a deep breath, Kakashi calmed himself down as much as possible.

Since there is Ura Shishō Fūin, naturally there is no need to worry about Sharingan’s problems. It can even seal Kyuubi, how can it not seal a Sharingan.

Ura Shishō Fūin is not Shiki Fūjin and does not require a soul sacrifice.

In this way, his first step has been completed.

Ura Shishō Fūin cannot be done overnight, he need to studied it slowly.

Kakashi wrote down Ura Shishō Fūin and then destroyed it. The existence of this scroll is a big hidden danger. Kakashi can’t explain it. It would bring him brig trouble if someone found it.

In the future, if it was found that Kakashi used Ura Shishō Fūin, he can just said Yondaime Hokage teach him. But this scroll seems to have decades of history, it can not be explained at all, so it can only be destroyed.

Kakashi picked some Raiton and left the basement.

Lying on the bed, Kakashi slowly sorted out his thoughts.

The two souls also slowly merging. At this speed, Kakashi estimates that it should take another month to complete this fusion. At that time, Kakashi’s spirit force will show an explosive growth.

Although he suspect that he is a descendant of Uzumaki clan, but he doesn’t have a large amount of chakra, this speculation is still very doubtful. Anyway, Kakashi doesn’t believe he has this bloodline. Where is Kakashi’s mother who he never met?

A woman who can get White Fang’s favor will not be an ordinary woman.

With regard to speculation about his identity, Kakashi can only put it aside first. He have to find ways to increase his amount of chakra.

He didn’t put much thought on spirit force. With the increase of age, the spirit force will naturally increase. The fusion of souls has accelerated the growth of Kakashi’s spirit force, so he doesn’t have to worry about this.

The rest is physical fitness.

Chakra is the fusion of energy and spirit force in cells, so what can be improved now is only physical fitness.

In terms of physical fitness, no one can compare with a guy who opened the eight doors later.

Guy’s spirit force is not high because of his constitution, and he behaves a little foolish and stupid. He can’t even remember people name, so he is not good at practicing chakra. But perhaps because of this, Guy has a terrifying talent that others can’t match in terms of taijutsu.

Wll-deserved being compared to first Hokage.

He can definitely make great progress if he can practice taijutsu with Guy.

It’s decided, practice taijutsu with Guy tomorrow!

This shouldn’t be difficult based on the relationship between Kakashi and Guy, maybe Guy will stay and train more than Kakashi.

When two people train together, the results obtained are often much better than those of practicing alone. The reason is very simple. The two compete with each other, and no one wants to lag behind others.

Especially Guy and Kakashi, who treat each other as their best friends and opponents.

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