Kakashi c5

Kakashi gotten up at dawn.

In a black suit, headband covers his left eye, and black mask covers his pretty face.

Looking at White Fang shortblade in the bedside, Kakashi after a little thought carried it on his back.

White Fang shortblade breaks in the battle of Kannabi-kyō, but Kakashi still keeps it by his side. Reborn Kakashi is not used to using shortblade, he prefer short weapon like Kunai or use kenjutsu with longsword. White Fang’s kenjutsu can be used with longsword.

“Go to Takumi no Sato in the future to remake White Fang shortblade into a good sword.”

White Fang shortblade is also made of metal that can conduct chakra.

Kakashi got up and went out, walking towards Guy’s house.

When Kakashi walked to Guy’s door, the door just opened.

Guy saw Kakashi, obviously surprised. Kakashi usually hiding from him, and he take the initiative to came to him?

Although he don’t know why, Guy is still very enthusiastic. “Yo Kakashi, get up so early. Sure enough, youth won’t betray me. I’ll get up at five tomorrow.”

With that, Guy clenched his fists, his eyes filled with burning flames.

Kakashi was speechless. Although he see it in anime many times in his previous life, but seeing it with his own eyes still makes him speechless.

“Guy, let’s practice together today.”

“Yo Kakashi, you took the initiative to find me to practice, this is the passion of youth. Come on, let’s first have a match who will finish two hundred laps around the village!”

Guy finished speaking, he already ran before Kakashi could respond.

Kakashi was helpless, but since he came to practice with Guy, he had no reason to quit.

Guy ran quickly, but Kakashi didn’t want to be outdone either. The two started the morning run around the Konohagakure outskirts.

“Yo Kakashi, why are you so slow, I will win you in this way.”

“Ah, I won’t lose to you, Guy.” Kakashi said, speeding up to keep up with Guy’s footsteps, and the two went side by side.

“Is this Kakashi’s strength? I can’t lose, this is youth.” Then, Guy speeded up again.

Kakashi also accelerated not to be outdone.

Two hours later, Kakashi and Guy stopped at the seventh training ground, Kakashi was sweating at this time, and he felt his body in the verge of collapse, he stand unsteadily.

Although Guy was sweating a lot, he could stand up just fine.

“Hu…Hu… As expected of my life opponent can finish the morning run perfectly. It was a tie this time. Next, let’s do a thousand push-ups together.”

Guy finished talking while gasping, without stopping for a moment, he sat on the floor and then do a push-up.

Kakashi’s eyes twitched involuntarily, Guy’s energy was really terrible. Perhaps this single-minded style of practice allowed Guy to open the terrifying Eight Gates at the end, and make Madara with Rikudō almost not his opponent. He is indeed a man who almost kicked the bucket in the finale.

Eight Gates at the cost of life, that kind of power is frightening.

Kakashi thought like this but he didn’t stop moving. Although the body is already very heavy, but Kakashi is still squeeze out his remaining strength.

Kakashi has actually been surpassed by Guy in terms of taijutsu. Two years of desolation has slowed Kakashi’s strength progress. He now need to make up for it.

Strong physical quality can create a huge chakra, Kakashi must persist no matter how tired he was, or he will have no significance role in the end.

Now that he come to this world, how can he not do something?

Sweat continued to flow down his cheeks, Kakashi’s breathing became more and more rapid, and the chakra in his body began to become restless, pulsing constantly in his meridians.

In order to achieve the best training effect, Kakashi does not use chakra, but the simplest physical exercise.

“Yo, Kakashi, you are so powerful. I’m going to do another thousand kicks.”

Guy growled enthusiastically.

Kakashi did not respond. Kakashi’s consciousness gradually became blurred from reaching his physical limit, but his body kept doing push-ups at the same frequency.

At this time, Kakashi seemed to be looking at his body from a second perspective, the chakra in his body continuously poured into the muscle tissue, supplementing the exhaustion of physical strength.

Kakashi finally exhausted his last energy, he fainted while lying on the ground.

“Kakashi, what’s wrong Kakashi?” Guy asked hurriedly.

At this point, Kakashi was in a coma because of exhaustion.

Kakashi who just possessed the body has not fully adapted with his body, and his soul has not been fused completely. He fainted because he can’t bear such high-intensity training.

Guy couldn’t wake up Kakashi, and was anxious. He had to carry Kakashi on his back and take him to the hospital in Konoha.

“Nonsense, it’s really nonsense, why you practice like that? Practice until you go to the hospital?”

At Konoha Hospital, a white-bearded grandpa growled at Guy.

Guy keep smiling apologetically: “Unexpected, unexpected accident.”

“Let Kakashi take a rest in the hospital. I will check to see if there are any other problems.” White beard grandpa said, he then asked the assistant to carry Kakashi into the treatment room.

Guy had to stay outside and wait for Kakashi to come out. Guy at this time naturally has no mood to practice anymore.

“Huh?” Kakashi groaned, and finally woke up, he stare at the unfamiliar ceiling. Kakashi couldn’t react yet, he turned around and glanced around, white sheets, half-open windows.

Is this a hospital?

Kakashi reacted and knew that he fainted while practicing.

He felt somewhat helpless, secretly said: “I am so weak. I went to hospital after practicing for the first time, looks like I haven’t adapted to this body yet.”

At this time, the door opened.

“Yo, Kakashi, are you awake? How do you feel?” Guy asked with concern.

“Nothing serious, I just feels a little tired.”

“What’s wrong Kakashi? How could you faint?”

“I haven’t moved in a while.”

“Kakashi, I know that Yondaime Hokage-sama’s death hit you hard, but you can’t treat yourself like that. Youth is for sweating.” Guy said with excitement, holding his fist.

“Yeah, I know.” Kakashi knew Guy had misunderstood, but he can’t explain it to him. After all, he fainted because he had not adapt to the soul fusion.

“Kakashi, my eternal opponent, next time we’ll train together. I feel my blood boiling when training with you, I will beat you!” Guy’s eyes burning with battle intent.

“I know, Guy.” Kakashi felt a little helpless in the face of the energetic Guy. Feeling that his body almost recovered, Kakashi got out of bed and decided to go home.

“Kakashi, where are you going?” Guy wondered.

“Of course going home. The sky is dark. Do you stay overnight in the hospital?”

“Eh, that’s right, let’s go eat together.” Guy said, his stomach ringing in time.

Kakashi is a little touched hearing this, he knew that Guy kept watching him without eating.

“Okay, let’s go, I’ll treat you to yakiniku.”

“Really? Really deserve to be my life opponent.”

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