Kakashi c6

At night, Kakashi went back to Hatake’s old house alone after having a dinner with Guy.

Looking at the empty courtyard, Kakashi felt a little desolate. The taste of being alone was indeed frustrating.

Kakashi picked up the broken White Fang shortblade with almost only the handle, and waved it constantly in the moonlight.

Kenjutsu is mainly based on hacking, and other basic moves such as swing, thrust, intercept, block, deflect, slash, etc.

No matter how powerful kenjutsu is, these basic moves are inseparable.

Moonlight shines on White Fang shortblade, the cold light flashed, Kakashi seemed tirelessly waving.

What path to take in this dangerous world?

In another place in Konoha, under the dim light, Sandaime wearing a Hokage robe is listening to Anbu’s report.

“Oh? Kakashi fainted today because of excessive practice with Guy?”

“Correct, Hokage-sama.”

“Okay, I know, you can leave.”

Anbu disappeared in place instantly after hearing this.

Sandaime puff of smoke and said with emotion: “Ah, Kakashi, Yondaime’s death really affected you.”

Sandaime looked out of the window and felt the pressure on his shoulder was much greater.

Sandaime is very optimistic about Kakashi. In Kakashi generation, only Kakashi has mentality and energy to support Konoha. Originally Sandaime did not feel the urgent and has no worry about this thing. But the death of the fourth generation makes the old man carried the burden again, and he had to start looking for a new Hokage candidate.

Kakashi is a genius, and also Yondaime’s disciples. He has outstanding strength, wisdom and insight. He was unmatched within the younger generation.

It’s just that Kakashi’s mentality has always been a big problem.

The death of White Fang made Kakashi indifferent to his teammates. This has been resolved because of Obito later on, but then the death of Obito and Rin made Kakashi depressed.

And Kakashi’s inner darkness is also growing, especially the death of White Fang!

This has always been a thorn in Kakashi’s heart.

Yondaime arranged for Kakashi to secretly protect the pregnant Kushina, just to let Kakashi witness the birth of a new life, thereby changing the darkness in his heart.

Now it seems that the death of Yondaime made this matter a failure.

Sandaime sighed: “Kakashi, don’t let me down.”

Kakashi practicing sword art at Hatake’s old house didn’t know that Sandaime was thinking about him.

Today’s Kakashi only has a sense of urgency, strength! You can’t do anything in this world without strength.

Kakashi was numb from waving many times, and the rest was only subconsciously wielding the knife.

The silver-haired boy has red and black eyes, and the left eye has scars. He has a black mask on his face, and under that mask, he is constantly panting.

“Not enough! Not enough!” Kakashi roared inside.

Suddenly, there was a burning heat in his left eye, Kakashi groaned and knelt on the ground.

“Damn it!”

Kakashi did not expect that Sharingan would also react during his practice.

“Looks like I have to seal Sharingan as soon as possible.” Kakashi exhaled. After the pain in his left eye disappeared, Kakashi stood up, put the White Fang shortblade back into the scabbard, and walked back to the room.

Kakashi sat quietly on the bed, constantly studying Ura Shishō Fūin Jutsu-shiki in his mind. The complex and esoteric Jutsu-shiki mystery was unraveled little by little under Kakashi’s study.

The following week, Kakashi conduct taijutsu training with Guy during the day, practicing kenjutsu and studying Ura Shishō Fūin in the evening. His life is very full.

Not only has he fully adapted to his body, but he also has a lot of progress in kenjutsu. More importantly, he almost done studying Ura Shishō Fūin.

Kakashi’s talent in ninjutsu is really good.

Kakashi went out as usual today, but an unexpected visitor came when he just opened the door.

“Hatake Kakashi, Hokage-sama is calling you.” The man with an animal mask said coldly.


Anbu heard this, disappeared with a flash.

Kakashi sighed, knowing that there may be no opportunity to practice today.

These days of practice have made Kakashi gradually get hooked by this feeling of power growth. Especially every day he can feel his own growth. That feeling is really fascinating.

Now is the golden age for physical growth, he will get stronger each time he practice.

The original Kakashi did too many tasks, so that he did not have time to practice. Although he had many experience, but his strength didn’t make much progress.

Now Kakashi is naturally taking the time to improve his strength.

Kakashi was not surprised by Sandaime calling him, his practice with Guy will have to end.

Konoha experienced the chaos of Kyuubi, not only Yondaime Hokage had died, but a lot of ninja also died, and there were countless injured ninja.

Therefore, there are many tasks piled up.

Kakashi was a little surprised Sandaime Hokage didn’t call him sooner.

He should be sent out to carry out the task on the second day of the funeral, but it unexpectedly dragged on for a whole week.

Although Kakashi couldn’t understand why, he was grateful.

He might have been in great trouble if he were sent out to perform tasks at that time.

Now with the help of Guy, Kakashi has mastered all the abilities of the original body. There should be no major problems to perform task.

After a while, Kakashi appeared in Sandaime’s office.

“Hokage-sama.” Kakashi respectfully said.

“Oh, it’s Kakashi, you came so fast.” Sandaime said kindly.

“I can’t neglect Hokage-sama command.”

“Kakashi, although I know that you have been busy practicing recently, we have not enough manpower in the village, so I can only trouble you to do the task.” Sandaime said with apology.

“Hokage-sama is too polite, this is the duty of ninja. Can I know what the task is?” Kakashi asked with a hint of curiosity.

This is his first mission in this world after all, and there are still some expectations in his heart.

Sandaime handed a scroll to Kakashi, saying : “This is an A-level mission, the content is written on the scroll, go today if you are ready.”

“Yes.” Kakashi took the scroll after finishing speaking.

Sandaime looked at Kakashi’s back, not knowing what he was thinking.

Kakashi took the scroll and didn’t go home immediately, but came to Guy’s house. Right now, Guy was still at the door. When he saw Kakashi, he greeted him enthusiastically, said “You are late kakashi, youth can’t slack off.”

“Sorry Guy, Hokage-sama just gave me a task, we can’t practice together this time.” Kakashi said apologetically.

Guy is a bit disappointed hearing this. After all, practicing with Kakashi these days is much better than usual, not only the progress of the practice, but he got more motivated than practicing alone.

Despite this, Guy said with enthusiasm: “Ah, it’s really Kakashi, Hokage-sama personally give you the task, it must be a very difficult task. I have to work hard too, ah, first run a hundred laps around Konoha.”

Kakashi saw Guy’s far back, and smiled slightly. The friendship between men sometimes does not need many words.

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