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“Oh? It turned out to be a brat. Interesting. I never thought Konohagakure has fallen to this point?” Rouga Nadare, dressed in snow ninja clothes, appeared in front of Kakashi and said with contempt.

“Cih, I was underestimated.” Kakashi said secretly in his heart, but he didn’t say a word on the surface. After all, he is not Naruto, and it is useless to say more.

Besides, the law of nature is that besides the protagonist, the one talking too much would die.

Seeing that Kakashi didn’t say anything, Rouga Nadare continued: “Brat, quickly hand over that little girl. I’ll let you off to give Konohagakure’s face. Otherwise you will die here.”

Although Rouga Nadare seems to look down on Konohagakure on the surface, but he also knows that no matter how Konohagakure has fallen, killing him is not a simple matter. If not necessary, Rouga Nadare does not want to pull such hatred.

“Ninja’s nature is to complete tasks!”

This was the first sentence Kakashi said when he was facing the enemy, and he don’t know why this sentence suddenly appeared so naturally.

But Kakashi secretly added a sentence in his heart, without hurting his companion.

While Kakashi spoke, the broken blade in his hand swung out and the target was directed at Rouga Nadare.

Rouga Nadare is obviously a master who has experienced many battles. Facing Kakashi’s assault, he did not panic at all and avoided his strike.

Kakashi’s expression is more solemn. From the movement that just flashed, Kakashi knew that this Rouga Nadare’s taijutsu is above himself!

This is not a good sign.

“Since you are courting death, I won’t be polite.”

Seeing Kakashi attacking himself, Rouga Nadare was not a person willing to be beaten, so his hands perform a hand seals!

“Hyoton! Ikkaku Hakugei!”

A huge white whale suddenly flashed from the ground, broke through the soil layer, and rushed out directly under Kakashi’s feet. Kakashi was shocked, he didn’t expect it to be so huge!

He was surprised but not confused, the combat experience of the original body surged at this moment. His body jumped up, he inserted the broken blade into the scabbard, he then quickly perform hand seals.


The blue arc is very obvious on this dark night, and the concrete chakra looks ferocious and terrifying.

At this time, Kakashi seemed to be holding the king of thunder in his hand, with an indomitable momentum, descending from the mid-air along the impact of gravity!

The blue arc traversed a beautiful trajectory in mid-air and collided with the huge white whale.

The huge collision shattered the white whale into countless pieces, and Rouga Nadare was also fascinated by the blast generated by the explosion.

Under the terrifying power of Chidori, Ikkaku Hakugei has become blocks of ice.

Rouga Nadare looked at this scene in shock, and at this moment he understood why Kakashi was sent to perform such a task at such a young age.

“Well done brat. But that kind of attack with your undeveloped body, you can only used it twice at most, right? Why? Do you want to die with me?”

Kakashi gasped slightly. The Chidori just now made Kakashi lose a lot of chakra. In addition, he just used Kage Bunshin once. Now Kakashi can only use Chidori once.

In the face of such experienced Jonin, Kakashi had no intention of defeating him from the beginning, he can retreat after delaying enough time.

With Kage Bunshin’s running speed, plus the delayed time, it should have almost escaped from this Land of Snow capital. In this case, he don’t have to worry about Rouga Nadare catching up.

At this time, Kakashi is ready to retreat. After all, there is not much chakra left. Kakashi doesn’t think he can beat Rouga Nadare, whose battle experience and chakra exceeds his own.

But Kakashi can be sure that Rouga Nadare will definitely catch up to him if he escape straight away, and will fall into a cycle of cats and mice.

And he can’t run away from Rouga Nadare with his current condition.

Therefore, Kakashi must create a gap so that Rouga Nadare does not know where he is fleeing. Only then can Kakashi retreat successful.

Article 9 of the ninja code, when you encounter an invincible opponent, you can choose to retreat, and don’t engage in a meaningless fight.

Such thought flashed in his heart, Kakashi said: “You can try it, how many times can I use this trick.”

Since he want to retreat, he must first overwhelm the opponent with words.

“Looks like you are unwilling to give up.” Rouga Nadare was speechless, how could he meet such a brain-dead guy.

Kakashi throws out two kunai, Rouga Nadare avoid them easily, Kakashi hand seals, Katon! Gōenkyū!

“Humph, it’s stupid to use this kind of Katon in the snow!”

Rouga Nadare sneered, and doing hand seals at the same time, shouted: “Stupid guy, go to hell! Hyoton, Rouga Nadare no Jutsu!”

A dozen snow wolves condensed from white snow appeared instantly, Kakashi’s Gōenkyū was extinguished in a moment, but the remaining snow wolves pounced on Kakashi.

Looking at Kakashi again, his headband has been lifted unknowingly, revealing the scarlet Sharingan. Both of his hands also performed seals, and they are exactly the same as the Rouga Nadare’s seal just now!

“Hyoton! Rouga Nadare no Jutsu.”

The same words were spoken by two different people, but the feeling was completely different.

“This is? Sharingan!” Rouga Nadare said in surprise.

The same snow wolf appeared, but Kakashi’s snow wolf was obviously weaker, but the Gōenkyū just offset this, so the two well-matched fight.

For a time, the competition between the two ninjutsu set off a large blizzard, and Rouga Nadare couldn’t see where Kakashi was.

Rouga Nadare didn’t dare to rush into the blizzard, fearing that he will fall into Kakashi plot.

After all, this blizzard is useless in front of Sharingan!

But after a while, the snow dissipated, and Rouga Nadare saw a figure flashing, Kakashi actually escaped!

Rouga Nadare snorted coldly and said, “Don’t think of running away!”

Chakra condenses underneath, Rouga Nadare shoots out, and the target is Kakashi who just left!

Kakashi’s speed is very fast, and Rouga Nadare is not slow, but it is always a certain distance away, and when Rouga Nadare catches up to Kakashi, five minutes have passed.

Suddenly, Rouga Nadare frowned, feeling something was wrong. In a moment, he speed up and throw a kunai quickly, hitting Kakashi’s head!

With a bang, Kakashi turned into a cloud of smoke and disappeared!

Rouga Nadare stopped and hatefully said: “Damn, turned out to be Kage Bunshin!”

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